Hetalia Dad au

Here’s an answer to a question you probably never asked: What if the Hetalia characters were dads?

This is what I came up with.

Germany: Strict but fair dad. He’s the kind of dad who has rules and you follow those rules. He won’t tolerate a messy house. He’d also be the kind of dad who’d spend hours baking a birthday cake and would probably be subjected to several dress-up sessions. He’d be a very protective dad, probably over protective.

Italy: Laid back dad. He’s the fun dad who embarrasses their kids in public and takes pride in it. He loves family cooking sessions and has fallen asleep with the kids on the couch multiple times. He’s always doing arts and crafts with the kids and probably encourages a little mess. He’s also the dad who cries at every graduation, wedding or other life event.

Japan: Quiet dad. He’s the calm, supportive and safe figure in his kids life. He’s the dad his kids go and rant to about friend drama and he always does his best to help them out and give solid advice. His kids would love when he reads to them since he has such a calming voice. He’d be the one making lunches and probably would insist on making lunches until the kids are out of the house.

America: Fun dad. He’s the dad who puts his kids up on his shoulders and flies around like a super hero. His kids would look up to him and probably think he’s the coolest dad ever, at least when they’re young. Once they get older he’d be incredibly embarrassing. He’d always but shouting out lame puns and he’d be the loudest to cheer at sports games. He’d also be an overprotective dad.

England: The “Mom” dad. He’s the type of dad who’s always yelling about bed times and making sure everyone finishes their vegetables. He’s always worried about his kids. He’d get them all into reading and tea, always making his kids a cup of tea if somethings bothering them. He’s a mature person his kids can come to and he loves them with all his heart. He’d also probably cry at graduations and weddings. He’d also be the dad that the kids make fun of instead of vice-versa.

France: The Classy Dad. He’s the dad who sends his kids to school with a fancy lunch and shows up to parent teacher interviews dressed like a runway model. He’s the dad all the other parents are jealous of/in love with. He’d spend a lot of time cooking with his kids and singing to them. He’d always be singing around the house with his loud voice. He’s also the wine dad.

China: The Mature Dad. He’s strict with his kids but also a hilarious dad. He doesn’t understand the weird customs of the younger generations and his kids always make fun of him for it. He goes out of his way to understand what “memes” are. He’s a reliable dad and is probably almost always worried about his kids. He obsesses whenever his kids come home late, always checking to make sure they’re alright.

Russia: The Sweet Dad. He is a calm and loving dad who is always there to give out a hug and tell them everything’s going to be okay. However, he’s also terrifying when he’s angry, so anyone who messes with his kids have hell to pay. He gets subjected to dress-up and always tries to play with his kids, which almost always ends up horribly because he doesn’t know how to do it. He’d probably step on a Lego and curse it to hell.

Canada: The Dorky Dad. He’s the dad who stresses out about the smallest things. He’s gotten his hair braided so many times he’s lost count. He’s the parent his kids trust to come to with their issues. He’s protective but fun. He does dorky things to make his kids laugh and to cheer them up. He’s fallen asleep playing dolls and Legos on the floor with his kids countless times. He’s awkward and his kids are probably awkward too, they can all laugh about it together. His kids probably inherited his love for flannels.

Prussia: The Cool Dad. If you thought America was bad for puns, oh you haven’t met this guy. He’s always cracking lame jokes and pretending to be relatable. He’s cool (at least he thinks he’s cool) and is pretty lenient with his kids. Except he doesn’t like mess in his house. His house is always sparkling. He’s always loudly singing to annoying his kids and somehow manages to be as embarrassing as he possibly can when friends are over.

Spain: The Smooth Dad. He’s the most popular one in the room and parent meetings. All the single parents and teachers have a crush on him which leaves his kids in countless awkward situations. He’s a singer and a dancer, always doing one or the other around the house. His house always smells like spices. He absolutely loves his kids, always singing and laughing with them. He tries to be strict from time to time but it never works. He’s very laid back.

Austria: The Music Dad. He’s the dad who’s kids all turn out to be prodigies. He’s the calm dad who’s strict but mature. He plays piano with his kids and let’s them sit on the bench with him and watch him play.

Romano: The Italian Dad. No one is allowed to go hungry in his house, no one. He’s always yelling about something and has to try very hard not to curse in front of his kids. He’s a loving dad who encourages his kids dreams. He loves to make up little songs with them and spend time in the kitchen. He’s also an incredibly protective dad. His kitchens always clean but the rest of his house is a mess.

Tons of times when I’m out and about in cosplay (especially as DC Super Hero Girls Harley), little kids come up to me and are like “omg Harley I love you!” or shy little kids hide behind their parents while they whisper “Look, it’s Harley! Go say hi!” So I’m making little bracelets to give to kids like this when I happen to see them. Anytime I go out in cosplay I’ll carry some with me just in case!

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When Captain Marvel shows the Justice League his true form and tells them his name is Billy Batson, everyone turned to Batman in perfect unison. Batman says "He's not my son." But the word "yet" lingers in the air.

((I’m sorry but this was just asking to be written about because I’m feeling super creative and I love these. This is super bad and rushed I’m sorry I got excited.))

Captain Marvel zeta beamed to the Watch Tower, anxiety plain on his face. It was uncomfortably obvious to everyone, The Flash figured he ought to say something.

“Hey man, if you’re stressing about Batman’s meeting don’t worry about it, he seemed in a decent mood today.” Flash said nudging him as he strolled over. “Though if you don’t mind my askin’ what’s going on dude? You okay?”

The Captain looked up, who’d been lost in his thoughts. He let out a nervous laugh, “Oh yeah I’m fine! I just got something on my mind, it’s all cool though, really.” The Flash didn’t seem convinced but the meeting just started. With a shrug he found his seat and forgot about the interaction.

Throughout the meeting Captain Marvel bit his lip as he struggled to pay attention to what Batman was saying. At last it seemed the meeting was starting to conclude, that’s when the hard part began. The team had been speculating about his true identity for months now, since he first joined. It was becoming a problem, if Captain Marvel couldn’t trust them with his identity then how can they trust him in battle? At least that’s what the rest of the Justice League thought at least. After careful deliberation, with the Wisdom of Solomon to back him up, he decided today would be the day to tell the team.

“Anyone have anything else that needs our attention?” Batman asked as he shut off the Holoscreen, not really expecting anyone to answer. At least not the nervous voice of Captain Marvel to.

“Uh actually yes.” The Captain offered, at the nod of Superman he continued, “I know my identity has been a sore spot for the whole team and I’m sorry about that. It’s far past time that I told you guys, just um, please don’t be too mad?” He said glancing at each team member.

“Well get on with it.” Said Aquaman, glancing at the clock in the room, people forget he has a kingdom to run too.

The Captain let out a nervous chuckle, “Right, um you guys might want to stand back.” Once the Leaguers where a proper distance away the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal shouted the name
“SHAZAM!” And a bolt of lightning coming from seemingly nowhere struck the man. When the smoke cleared, the sight standing in his place left the Justice League shell shocked.

Standing there was a small and scrappy looking boy in a faded red hoodie, with jet black hair and blue eyes. “Uh, hi. My name’s Billy Batson, I’m ten years old, and I’m Captain Marvel.”

The room turned in unison to look at a just as shocked (Although expertly masking it) Bruce Wayne. It was understandable, the boy looked nearly identical to him when he was a child.

“Hey Bats I thought you said you weren’t gonna adopt any more of ‘em.” Joked Green Lantern, before getting elbowed by Cyborg.

“Batman, I thought you agreed to not get any more children involved into super heroing, how did this kid somehow get the powers of a god?” Came Superman’s accusing but concerned tone.

Billy Batson seemed at a loss for words, why the sudden shift on Batman? “He is the spitting image of you.” Murmured Wonder Woman from where she was standing, her eyes locked on Batman, perhaps searching the cowl to see what’s underneath it. She was right, aside from the fluffiness in the kid’s hair it was the same hue as Bruce’s and the eyes were the same icy blue that Batman has had all his life. Anyone who had seen Batman without the cowl knew this boy looked a lot like him.

The Flash snickered, “Well his name is Bat Son.” He joked softly to Green Lantern, but was silenced by Batman’s glare.

“He’s not my son.” Bruce said curtly, but everyone who knew him well enough could tell the ‘Yet’ hung in the air. Half of the Leaguers groaned while some just smiled and shook their heads.

Poor Billy Batson was so confused, “So am I not in trouble?” He asked hopefully, while Superman looked at him with a mixture of amusement and concern.

“No you’re still in trouble, you just have a lot of explaining to do.” Clark said as the boy sighed before launching into a story of how he managed to obtain his powers by a miraculous the Wizard Shazam.

Yet as the super powered boy talked, Batman could see a couple reasons why he’s just might want to adopt this child after all. Billy had seemed hesitant to explain why exactly he’d been in the subway that fateful day, edging around the topic. His hair was greasy like he hadn’t managed to wash it in several days, his blue jeans worn and faded with small tears at the knees. That red hoodie didn’t seem near as vibrant as it should be, coated in dust and dirt; the scuff on his face and bags under his eyes that the boy paid no mind were concerning as well. As he talked, Batson held himself in a certain way, a hunched over posture, the “please don’t notice me” kind. While the hoodie was a couple sizes large on him, it was obvious it hung off him far too much to be normal. He seemed malnourished. This kid has been going hungry, it was hard to tell how many days. Yet, he still had a certain brightness to him, even though he was being reprimanded by certain Leaguers. Perhaps this issue could use some looking into.

After all, the kid’s last name was Bat Son.

First Impressions: Mysticons

So a new magical girl series is coming out on Nickelodeon called the Mysticons. 

About a girl with a dragon power

Jee, haven’t seen that before….

One of her friend’s is  lone wolf with the power of a wolf

Haven’t seen that before….

And a hyper active friend…

Oh boy…..

All out honesty though there are some things to like about the show. The tropes staring blankly at you in the face, is just kinda one of those things every series like this has. It’s in almost every kids super hero show known to man. I just hope they can flesh the characters out and make them realistic somehow, or at least make them more than just a stereotype. That’s the main point.

 I really do love the designs of their outfits, especially the main character’s design. I mean, it looks like a guy could also wear it and the fact she’s a leader of the team and her main color is green, not pink or blue. That’s pretty original there. So there’s those points.

I also like the unicorn character that is tough but really shy and very apologetic. She wears pink but doesn’t wear a skirt, she’s not your typical girly girl that associates with pink and unicorns. I know the whole “feminist agenda” has gotten old with these kinds of shows and it doesn’t hurt to have a female lead be emotional and dainty too, but it seems like there might be something more to it here. Least I hope.

The one other issue I do have is just the fact they are using lots of slang that will be dated and some of the typical tropes such as the main girl being sassy because “she’s a strong warrior”. Again, I just really wish for this series to at least flesh out the characters so they’re more than just types. The series and concept is interesting and it does feel like a classic Saturday Morning Cartoon. It has potential, I just hope it will succeed in giving us that potential.

So yeah, despite problems, I am going to check this series out when it comes out and I hope to like it. I hope it could even push the agenda for magical girls outside anime. If not, well, I still have hopes for other series.

Alright!! A few things I want to draw since the new BNHA - chapter came out:

  • Some of the kids from 1A-class (after adopting Eri) take her shopping and she receives various cute outfits
  • Cute Eri in her cute new clothes cheering on the 1A - kids to train hard so they could become “super cool heroes” and the kids getting super cheered up and motivated seeing cute and happy Eri cheering them on

I just saw @maizawatrashcan’s tags on a post they reblogged soooo I hope you don’t mind but I absolutely love this idea:

  • Aizawa and Mic adopting Eri = two dapper and stylish dads holding Eri by both of her hands. Maybe to go get some ice cream?


  • Everyone pampering Eri

The Chronological Superman 1964-1966:

I’m going to tackle three years worth of Superman Family stories for this next installment of The Chronological Superman. This is hopefully a minor and acceptable format change for these specific stories (although I may do it again in the future, if the content calls for it).  The thing is that the Superman Family tales of 1964 and 1965 are fairly unremarkable ones. For the most part, these years are typified by events you might describe as oddities and trivia, and some tales which are continued from previous years. It’s not that these stories are bad, but they largely want for innovation.

For instance, the Legion of Super-Heroes – which has been adding members at a breakneck pace since their debut – adds only one permanent new member to the roster in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.327, introducing the hero eventually known as Timber Wolf. Meanwhile, Kid Psycho is introduced as the first resource in the Legion Reserve (Superboy vol.1 No.125), two villains – Command Kid and Dynamo Boy – join in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.328 and No.330/331 respectively, and the Heroes of Lallor are introduced in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.324. 

Super-offspring abound as always, but it’s worth mentioning that the Super-Sons of Superman and Batman debut in World’s Finest vol.1 No.154. In Superman vol.1 No.181, the Superman of 2965 – secretly Klar Ken-T5477 – is introduced, being the twentieth generation of direct descendants from the original Man of Steel. 

Beyond that, there are new love interests for Superman, more imaginary stories, plenty of Kryptonite (including Jewel Kryptonite, debuting in Action Comics vol.1 No.310), several more chapters of the Lexor-centric Luthor-Superman feud, and assorted adventures and minor inventions like Lana Lang becoming Insect Queen in Superboy vol.1 No.124 and the introduction of the Composite Superman in World’s Finest vol.1 No.142. There are also two alternate universe, evil Supermen – Ultraman of the Crime Syndicate of America in Justice League of America vol.1 No.29 and the Superman of Earth-A in Justice League of America vol.1 No.22. 

A lot happens in those two years, but very little of it changes the Superman landscape all that much. 1966, however, is an explosive year for Superman, even if you only consider what occurs outside of the comics. He stakes claims in two new media – on Broadway, Charles Strouse and Lee Adams present It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superman (to mixed reviews, I’m sad to say, although I’m a fan), while Superman, Superboy, Krypto and assorted members of the Justice League of America become part of the relatively new Saturday morning cartoon phenomenon for the first time.

Mxyzptlk, Brainiac, Luthor and assorted Bizarros continue to populate the books, but they’re not alone. New villains abound, and the Toyman reappears in the comics for the first time in years (Superman vol.1 No.182). The rookies include some one-shots, like Eterno the Immortal in Action Comics vol.1 No.343 and the Anti-Superman and Anti-Batman in World’s Finest vol.1 No.159. New and recurring villains (some more than others) include the space pirate Amalak, the twentieth-level computer mind Grax (Action Comics vol.1 No.342) and The Parasite in  Action Comics vol.1 No.340. The Legion of Super-Heroes must also contend with one of their more fatal foes, Computo, in Adventure Comics vol.1  No.340.

Along those lines, it’s worth noting that veteran Superman newspaper strip artist Wayne Boring returns to the comic book pages in 1966, and young writer Jim Shooter – only fourteen years old – begins writing Legion of Super-Heroes (promptly introducing Karate Kid, Ferro Lad, Princess Projectra and another evil turncoat Legionnaire in the form of the rather tellingly-named Nemesis Kid in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.346).

Inktober Day III: The Ghost Kid

I’m only a half an hour late on this one- but do any of us really go to sleep at a reasonable hour? So does midnight technically have to define a ‘new’ day? plus If i were at home and not as school, i’d still only be 11:30 so… anyway here’s ‘The Ghost Kid’ aka Jason Todd as both Robin and Red Hood

So after the Christmas episode summary came out I rushed to draw this. I’m sure this is isn’t how it is going to go down, but man the sunshine cat child thinks he is going to be alone on Christmas and then goes to SANTA CLAUS for comfort like I can’t even. This poor child. Like, sweet innocent boy who just doesn’t want to be alone goes to freaking SANTA CLAUS because he doesn’t know who else to turn to I just can’t

Poor sweet sunshine cat child superhero

The guy who is dressed as Santa is probably thinking so hard about how those super heroes are just kids


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Summary:  Beast Boy doesn’t ever disobey direct orders. Beast Boy doesn’t ever disobey Robin’s good judgement. Except for that one time the green changeling decided to follow a certain empath to the fiery pits of a demonic hell, that is. BBRae slow burn. Established RobStar.

Rating: T

1. Lesson of Changing

There were a lot of very curious kids on the airplane. They stared at him, unabashed, until one of their guardians stepped in to reprimand the behaviour. Even then, they’d sneak wide eyed looks whenever the elders were too distracted to notice. It wasn’t like he minded. How could he blame them? He’d spent a good portion of his own childhood, and some of his adolescence, staring at his own reflection, trying to come to terms with the green skinned boy looking back. Besides, after a couple of years in isolation, far away from civilization, he was starting to feel nostalgic now that he was back in the company of people.

So, instead of being annoyed with their intrusive stares, Beast Boy winked playfully at the kids, mostly because he was not able to morph on the plane as easily as he would have liked. He’d have turned into a fluffy green puppy or kitten if it were possible, because that always worked well with the youngest crowd. Sometimes, he’d even change into a chimp and have a silly fit to crack a laugh from small children that were otherwise frightened of his unusual appearance.

Once the stewardess had politely asked for an autograph dedicated to her niece, she’d also shyly reminded him that policies and procedures in place required him to stay in human form, as well as in his seat for the duration of the takeoff and landing. Unless, of course, there was an emergency. In that event, he would be given free will to do whatever was needed to save as many people as he could. Beast Boy had replied with a warm, earnest smile, graciously accepting her terms with a nod of understanding despite her obvious discomfort in having to relay to him the mandatory protocols. It was all perfectly fine with him, much to her relief; he’d spent a large chunk of his time recently as anything but human, so he was grateful for the minor reprieve he was granted now that he was back amongst humankind. Most animals in the wild did not take too kindly to anything remotely resembling man.

After she’d walked away to attend to the other passengers, Garfield buckled himself into his seat, and briefly acknowledged the gentleman next to him.

“I don’t like flying,” the terrified man, who would be in his company for the duration of the long flight, had nervously confessed to him.

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