do you know how proud i am of chanyeol and baekhyun. the members that kept getting urged to take their shirts off but were too shy and did everything to hide their bodies. chanyeol who wore so many layers to avoid any skin being revealed. baekhyun who always laughed it off saying he ate too much and that they werent ready but in reality hes fit and all too skinny. im so proud that they have enough confidence to go on stage without a shirt on, without worrying about their bodies being judged. im. so. proud.


The first cat is delta, the munchkin I am cat sitting at the moment. The second cat isn’t mine but LOOK HOW FLUFFY. The third is predator, he’s my baby, this is how he sleeps and he is a giant cuddle monster who follows me round the house

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thanks for making a tutorial! i meant in like these sets post/145931829299 post/147607639734 how do you make the backgrounds so smooth and blue? do you have a technique?

alright so this isn’t the exact same coloring as from those gifsets but it’s the same technique

i’ll be showing you how to go from this:

to this:

also, this tutorial will only be covering the coloring part of making a gif, so you’ll need to know how to do everything else, like sharpening, cropping, etc.

please take a second to like/reblog if you find this useful. it makes me super happy and motivates me a lot! xx

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@sherlockvowsontheriverstyx turned 16 yesterday and like I’m super happy for her. Tate, you’re awesome, and you’re adorable, and you’re like really nice to me and you’re one of my best friends on this damn website and i hope your birthday was as awesome as you are <3

WOW! Where did you all come from?! THANK YOU! 

It’s great to have old friends!  {you have been with me almost since the beginning and came with me from Mika’s old blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me! I love you guys so much!}

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It’s also great to have new friends!  {ya’all are great, seriously! I love interacting with all of you and hope that keeps on going! You guys make me super happy!} 

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-Ahhh someone else who’s on tumblr at work :D
I’m super happy you are excited lol, I don’t promo my shops a lot but the money I get from them does pay for my photoshop subscription and soon I’ll need to buy a new pen for my tablet and again I’ll use this money so it warms my heart to get that help from you guys. 

Speaking about my stuff, I received those big bubble enveloppes today so I’m going to do a test on Monday and send a package with my artbook and all sort of Kylux/TFA goodies to the United States so I’ll know how much it costs to send these overseas and can finally make a post for those who wanted to buy my stuff. 

It’ll be a big pack at a discounted price, and if it works, I’ll use the money to make a fanbook with ALL (that means like, probably well over 125 pages) of my Kylux art. One big, professionally printed Kylux book of doom. 

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-Hummmm I don’t drink coffee so it’s difficult to say (and I live on the opposite side of the city even if I see the Eiffel Tower from my window, like in every cliché movie lol) but if you like pastries, I’d recommend L’Eclair de Génie ( ).

-Merci beaucoup :D

It’s so cute when some of you talk to me in french awwwwww <3333
I’m really glad you think so, I’ve been trying to give more life to my drawings recently, especially the black lineart ones.

-I was recommended a fic a couple asks ago with a similar trope, It sounds super fun!

But yeah, single Dad Kylo would be a lot of fun. I don’t know if such a fic exists, like, a modern AU where he ends up having to take care of a baby on his own and gets to learn who the real tantrum master is (bested by a baby! The shame!)

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Skylar! Hey! I was just in the hospital because they had to take my appendix out. Nobody even knows what the appendix was initially for, it doesn't do anything nowadays except for get inflamed and explode sometimes haha. It wasn't much fun, but an appendectomy is a pretty easy surgery all things considered and it went well. Also when I woke up I asked out a friend of mine and now!! I have a girlfriend!!!! I'm super happy about how things have gone Skylar!

Hi interruptingkau.

One but it will live alone watch a anime. appendix? inflamed?

HAPPY SUPER DUPER LATE BDAY! @magericken/ @splattina
I missed so many ppl’s bdays while I was gone on my trip so I’ll be doing them all late. BUT LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS MEME QUEEN.
Hope your bday was great! And you had fun! And you maybe had cake! And I hope your days and bdays are great forever and ever! 💖🌸💖