Is there already a Daredevil daredevil AU?

Matt Murdock is a daredevil/stuntman famous for his death-defying acrobatic stunts (though it’d also be amusing to imagine him jumping the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle in the vein of Robbie Knievel). When Foggy Nelson is hired as Matt’s new personal lawyer, he’s far more surprised to find out that this badass, cocky guy that he’s seen on TV numerous times is actually a huge dork than he is to find out that Matt is blind.

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Oh yay! There is so few things for Foggy and Anatoly and Idk why I ship that pool floaty of a ship. It's smaller than mattimir and so far I've only found one fic with hints to Foggy/Anatoly

Oh, that sucks. I have to admit I never gave the ship much thought till I started writing this rp. If I get the motivation up I’d defiantly love to write you a fic for them though lol!