I was sick yesterday and left work three hours early.

I’m making it up today by working 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Lots of over time is good.

It was 54° and super foggy this morning, and it is now 87°. With no A/C in my car, I went from feeling moderately glamorous this morning (actually wearing makeup and pumps) to feeling like a pile of frizzy sweatiness this afternoon. Easy come, easy go.

Also, Salvadoran tamal and curtido for lunch makes everything better.

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind if I ask for advice, sorry if it don't make sense, it's confusing. So a few years back I started being unable to remember things correctly? I think that's the best I can describe it but I can't tell if the memory is real or fake? And there's times where it feels like everything is super foggy. Like, I can focus and I recognize I'm there and I'm me, but it's not clear? I can pull myself out of it for a short time if I try, but it's super tiring. do you know what I should do?

i say see a psychologist if you can, that’s a pretty common symptom of a number of different disorders so. it’s nothing too super concerning tho, as in your life isn’t in danger, so don’t worry about getting help Immediately, but sometime soon is preferable since, if you do have a disorder, the longer you wait the worse it can get so