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T-Shirts: $19.88 - $31.10 (Cost based on style, color and size)

Sweater/Hoodies: $36.43 - $48.92 (Cost based on style, color and size)

Sticker:  $2.60

Phone Case: Skin: $14.63/ Snap: $24.37 / Tough: $29.25

Posters: $12.42

Throw Pillow: $19.01 - 36.16 (Cost based on size and insert)

Tote Bag: $17.99 - $23.37 (Cost based on size)

Zipper Pouch: $21.08 / $23.00 (Cost based on size)

Mug: $15.00 / Travel Mug: $24.46

Print: $6.22 - $251.20 (Cost depending on size and style)

Metallic prints: $48.33 - $236.98 (Cost depending on Size)

Greeting/post Card: $2.00 - $3.75 (Cost depending style)

Ipad Case: Skin: $18.84 / Snap Case: $42.38

Laptop Skin: $23.54

Leggings: $44.91

Duvet: $84.82 - $124.68 (Cost based on size)

Note: as with all of my Designs, I am more than happy to customize orders, say if you wanted a different background color or any other modifications to the design.

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tbh foggy nelson was one of the most pleasantly surprising things about daredevil???? like 99.999% of the time the “comic relief” person in any given show is the biggest piece of shit character and is super gross but foggy is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. 

Claire Temple:
  • Runs to help an injured stranger in a dumpster and takes care of him in her apartment, putting herself in danger.
  • Refuses to give up that stranger’s name to the people who want to kill him even if that meant dying herself.
  • Foggy refers to her kindness/goodness when describing her and Matt confirms it.
  • She refuses to involve herself with someone who puts himself at risk and through questionable moral behavior, even if this is someone she finds herself falling for.
  • Even after that, she goes to patch Matt up and she will always be there for him.
  • Even though she doesn’t have super powers, like Foggy, she does what she can to help the side of good, in her way.

Claire Temple: The Angel of Hell’s Kitchen. I love her so.