transnbwritersnet intro

I’m Riya or William (you can use whichever, or both). I’m finicky about nicknames so none for Riya but for William just as before you use one (Bill is always fine and what most people use.) Also if you’re non-white you can use Lans but if you’re white it’ll make me real uncomfortable (you can message me off anon for an explanation). That’s way too much name info but anyways.

I use he/him pronouns and am kind of a genderfucked boy (basically a nb boy but more… fucked). Oh and I’m 17.

I’m hecka disabled and mentally ill and super foggy so if I forget to tag something just remind me and nag me, I won’t get annoyed and if you need to unfollow for that or any reason that’s alright! 

Also I should add that I’m going to be in and out of the hospital over the next few months and I liveblog my entire life so if thats a trigger for you no need to follow right now!

I’m a slam poet and that’s most of my writing although I also occasionally write song lyrics and do journalism stuff. I’ll post some of that in here def mainly poetry and I will thoroughly trigger tag in hopes the content is cool with everyone. 

Also feel free to send me any of your writing anytime because honestly I am so blessed to get to read other people’s!!!