Modern Les Mis: Jehan & Montparnasse aesthetics (Hogwarts!AU)

While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

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Ooh, what about Frederick getting selective amnesia because of a training accident? And Frederick loses his memories of his relationship with Robin and goes back to not trusting her while also trying to reconcile that with the fact that he has a son with her, and Robin starts trying to get him to fall in love with her all over again and tiny morgan being worried that Papa doesnt love him anymore and ahhhhhh theres just angst all around but maybe a happy ending?? i just really love frederick

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Your anxiety was great. Morgan didn’t notice how you paced fervently, humming happily as he worked on his “get well soon” picture for his father. Frederick was in the middle of training new recruits, when the butt of an axe suddenly struck his head. While he was very lucky it wasn’t the sharp edge, he’d fallen unconscious with a serious head injury.

Libra had asked you to leave the room as he worked, only other healers allowed to join him (head injuries were apparently very serious). For the last few hours it was you and your three-year-old, waiting impatiently for word on his condition.

“Gods, please let him be okay…” You whispered worriedly, crossing your arms tight over your chest. Chrom and Lissa, who’d only joined you a few minutes ago, watched you sadly.

“It’ll be all right, Robin. You mustn’t get so worked up over it. Frederick’s been through much worse than this, after all!” Lissa offered, though it didn’t comfort you. If anything, it made you feel worse.

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[ ● Hello Kitty Cat ● ]

SM Hawaii trip
  • SM:Pack yo bags, kids, we goin to Hawaii.
  • SuJu:Gotta pack swimming trunks
  • F(X):Gotta pack those beach chairs
  • SNSD:Gotta shop for bikinis
  • SHINee:Gotta pack suntan lotions and shades
  • Red Velvet:Gotta go shell collecting there
  • EXO:Gotta pack-
  • SM:Lol, not so quick. Who'll earn the money while we're gone?
  • EXO:...
  • Johnny:Ten, we should start packing the sandcastle bu-
  • SM:Only SM idols allowed
  • Johnny:...