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I'm so pissed at SM right now it's not even funny.

Okay, so you guys might have seen various posts I’ve made/reblogged recently about SM artists/the company, right?

Let’s start with TVXQ. I don’t really listen to them, but I reblogged a post that said that, apparently, 50% of SM’s income is from TVXQ. That’s a lot. Especially since they’re being enlisted soon, so they won’t be promoting for two years (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong). Therefore, SM has to find some way to make up that 50%, especially with all the money they’ve lost after dropping Jessica and Kris and Luhan’s departures.

Cue EXO, SM’s go-to money making machines. Let’s be honest, they get pretty much the most exposure and promotion out of SM’s artists. Their popularity skyrocketed and SM are totally using that to their advantage. Now, remember the post I made a week or so ago about me being really annoyed that EXO were performing at Dream Concert because Tao was still recovering, Yixing had JUST been in hospital and they looked absolutely exhausted? Well, Tao’s still not back (if he is coming back), Yixing has barely recovered, they’re all still exhausted from Exodus/Call Me Baby promotions and now SM have gone and announced a repackaged album with a bunch of appearances (all closely packed around their EXO'luXion concerts). I know they (especially Baekhyun) have been hinting about it for a while now, but I expected (hoped) they’d give them time to rest and regain their energy before throwing them into ANOTHER comeback while missing a member. It’s literally been a month since they dropped Exodus (not to mention EXO Next Door). I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), Red Velvet, SHINee or any of their artists get as much exposure/promos/teasers as Exodus did.

Which brings me onto another point. SHINee. They’ve been gone for over a year (during which EXO has had 3 comebacks) and they FINALLY come back to us with an album and title song they’ve worked so hard on and have crafted to near on perfection, and they get A FUCKING WEEK AND A HALF of promotions (after two vague teasers and a few images) before SM drops the bombshell that EXO are releasing a repackaged album within a week. That’s not fair. I love EXO to death, but, like I said, they need rest, they need Tao and they do not need to be promoting right now. SHINee have worked so so so hard to get to where they are and they deserve more than that. I’m not saying EXO don’t, but they’ve had their comeback, and it’s not their fault at all, they’re just as much of a victim here. SM have stepped on SHINee’s toes and shoved EXO out in their place. I’m pretty sure neither groups want this, and neither of them deserve this treatment from their company, who’s supposed to protect and do right by them.

And all of this is because SM need to make money from their losses (that were their own fault to be honest. Idols wouldn’t have left/been dropped if they were treated fairly and like they deserve).

It kills me that we can’t do anything about it. Especially being an international fan, I feel powerless to watch the idols I’ve come to love and support being mistreated and hurt for money. It fucking sucks and I’ve had enough of it. But what can I do, eh? Of course I’ll continue to support Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, EXO, f(x) & Red Velvet in whatever they do. We all will, because we love them and they love us. I really want to be excited for Love Me Right, I do, and I know I’ll watch the MV and fangirl all over again. It’s just corrupt and cruel the way it’s done.

Sorry for the rant, I needed to get this off of my chest. Feel free to tell me if I got any information wrong (please do so I can correct it!).

Bias Tag Game

thank you laygacy
Rules are 10 different biases from 10 different groups

1. Yixing (Lay) | Exo

2. Sungjong| Infinite

3. Jackson| Got7 

4. Taeyang| Big Bang

5. Hyorin (Hyolyn)| Sistar

6.  Min Joo (Halla)| The Ark 

7. Henry| Super Junior 

8. Amber | f(x)

9. Jinki (Onew)| Shinee

10. Jinyoung| B1A4

( yes madelene. you got me into b1a4 and jinyoung) 

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(More preg!g bc why not) during G's first pregnancy neither of them know what to do so F gets super controlling and protective. Makes sure G eats right, no one touches him in anyway so as to not hurt the baby and no sex at all, toys, bjs, hjs, all of it is a no-go (G is /less/ than pleased with this and constantly tries to seduce F bc hormones and consistently fails bc F is sticking to his guns)


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