I think the sign of a true soulmate isn’t someone you just want to do the super cool stuff with. A real soulmate is the person who makes any ordinary day fun. Some people make all these huge plans to do with their special someone, fuck that. Find someone who you can take grocery shopping and still have a blast with. Find someone who makes you look forward to waking up on Monday.

Lance: *walks over to Hunk* Hey Honey Bear. Whattca doin?

Hunk: *looks up, smiles and looks back down* Hey Merman. Just reading a book.

Lance: *plops down beside him* Ooh, what’s it about?

Hunk: Altean mechanics. Super cool stuff.

Lance: Sounds really cool.


Lance: *leans on Hunk* Do you think it gets easier?

Hunk: Altean mechanics?

Lance: Life.

Hunk: Oh. Well, do you want it to be easier?

Lance: …Yeah..

Hunk: Then, I’ll live life with you and make it easier anyway I can.

Lance: Okay.

I love how betta owners just name their bettas like whatever the heck

Like some people have bettas named like Aphrodite, and Lapis and super cool fancy stuff

And then there’s

“Lol look at my fish. His name is Sock. I love him.”

It’s great

shitpost-no-kyojin  asked:

What are the characters thoughts on social media? <3

Mikasa: Useless
Reiner: creeps on other people online, good
Bertholdt: likes it and gets a bit validation there
Annie: doesn’t quite get the appeal of it, uses it anyways
Eren: Super cool, shares lots of stuff, especially funny videos
Jean: Likes it to present himself, likes it
Marco: Only uses the messengers, thinks social media is okay
Sasha: casually enjoys social media, thinks it’s a bit scary
Connie: Always online, still scared of security holes
Historia: Likes social media for networking not necessarily for private stuff
Armin: Is careful with it
Ymir: Has multiple accounts on some sites
Levi: Has a decomposing Facebook account, simply has no use for social media
Hanji: Thinks it’s funny and interesting how people start to behave online
Erwin: Only likes to share outdated memes
Nanaba: After everyone asked her if she’s ‘dtf’ she deleted all her accounts
Mike: Uses social media as anonymous as possible
Moblit: Thinks social media is an interesting thing, but not much for him

I did go Monsterpalooza yesterday, and I scored some fun Dead Meat stuff. This mask will eventually be worn by a silent, infamous character. Like everything Matt Gonos does, it’s made of leather. The guy even made a comic book out of leather! Well, not the pages. But he made the characters out of leather and photographed them. Pretty nuts! He and his family were super cool. Check out his stuff at!

So I was telling my mom about the upcoming batman movie and how excited I was earlier as we were driving home from dinner. I mentioned some of the released stills, and that it looked like it was gonna be super cool and stuff but I was struggling to remember the name of who the apparent bad guy was. I was like, “shoot, I always get his name mixed up with Dead Shot’s, it’s like-oh right Death Stroke!”

And she just. Loses her shit.

It was the funniest goddamn thing she’d ever heard and she kept repeating his name over and over as she cried laughing because it sounds like some kind of medical condition. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to explain like, “he uses swords! You know, killing people with sword strokes!” But the more I tried, the more ridiculous his name sounded like.

This is a grown man. He calls himself Death Stroke, like he thought that was legitimately intimidating. If he tried to show up to kill my mother and he told her who she was, she would die laughing in his face before he could stab her and to be honest I wouldn’t blame her.

The best/worst part of this though is she was perfectly willing to accept Dead Shot as a legitimate villain name, but Death Stroke was where she drew the fuckin’ line.

historyofashitpost  asked:

What are some other thrift shop blogs that you personally follow?

I love this question cause it gives me an opportunity to show off some super cool people!

Well, as my previous shout outs have demonstrated @gameofboards is a blog I really enjoy and get a lot of reblog material from.

I just recently got into @bizarrecrapinthriftstores and I really like the stuff they’re doing.

My goal of the moment is to become mutuals with @shiftythrifting.

@97centdreams always finds a lot of great intact items that I am only slightly radiating waves of pure jealousy because of.

@niftythriftythings is always a bright spot in my day when they show up on my dash.

@thriftstoreoddities has a great blog and is super nice, by my understanding through brief interaction.

If you like doll collecting or collection hunters, @my-resuced-treasures does some super cool stuff with Monster High and others.

@thrifterror has great collection of fun statues and such, and I am honored to say my strawbeary post is among them.

And even though they are not techinically thrift store blogs, a big part of my resources is bootlegs, so @bootlegheaven and @knockoffs-and-bootlegs (who was the person kind enough to support the creation of this weird fever dream you all enjoy ironically or unironically.)

SO, that’s some of my favorites, there are some that were either mysteriously abducted by either aliens or government agents, and thus do not post as frequently as they once had, but these are the wonderful blogs I see on a daily basis! Everyone be sure to check them out if you haven’t already, I guarantee at least half of them aren’t shadow monsters that feed on attention and human hair, and also bleed gasoline.

Okay but I’m so excited for Marco living on mewni!! Like imagine all the super cool stuff we get to see!! Like

-him (and us) seeing more of mewni, exploring the whole dimension, getting to know more about the world his bestie is from

-marco getting to know stars parents some more, possibly bonding with them, and vice versa, with moon and river seeing just how close the two are, just how much they mean to each other, seeing them interact, seeing them happy together

seeing more of the castle…seeing Marco adjust to living in a castle with servants and having all that space to explore?? Living somewhere so much bigger than the house he’s used to??

Just ALL OF IT! I’m so excited to see the roles switch between the two, with Marco being the exchange student (sorta kinda) and being able to learn more about mewni is gonna be so great?!? I’m sO EXCITED

Shabby treasures

Hello, guys!!! :D I brought you super cool stuff today, which is… 9 objects from the newest TS4 EP “City Living” (yeah, my game is unplayable right now, so I was enjoying myself modding XD) and I unexpectedly converted the mirror - a genuine add-on for the “boheme” set uploaded earlier!! You need AL for the mirror and the painting (in TS4 there were 6 different ones, but since they share the same mesh, I just put them all together) and Seasons for “Coregy Ottoman” (double sitting with books). The heaviest objects are plants and “improvised bookcase” with cushion on top (about 1100 polys), the signs are not light too (820 and 590 polys).

Here is the painting swatch:

I`m truly happy to have such a nice addition to my TS2 game and hope you`ll feel the same! Enjoy!

Credits: EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio, MTS

Scott Tracy throughout the Incarnations:
  • 1965: I'm more of an American badass than Kid Rock could ever hope to be. That said, I don't want the government and press getting their grubby mitts on my family's super cool stuff.
  • 2004: I'm not sure if we're supposed to secret or not, so I'll just do some fancy flying for the news. Nothing bad could possibly come from this, right?
  • 2015: So much stress from being the de facto head of IR and the head of the Tracy clan, it wouldn't surprise me if I suddenly snapped and try to strangle folks like François Lemaire or Langstrom Fischler when they get on my case. Then again, I'd most likely get the GDF all over my ass. Also, I miss my Daddy.

Characters in BNHA that I really, really want to see interact more:


Bakugou and Uraraka:

After their fight at the sports festival, I really want to see more of the two of them. Perhaps even a second fight, since they grew a lot over the course of the series, and especially Uraraka got better at fighting.


Bakugou and Shouto:

Yep, again, Bakugou is one of them. You can’t tell me he won’t ever want a rematch against Shouto, since the latter held back in their first fight, and Bakugou can’t stand it when someone holds back on him.


Izuku and Gran Torino:

I mean, come on – a man who worked with both Nana and Toshinori, went as far as to become a teacher just for the latter’s sake and instantly jumped on the opportunity to train Izuku, too? I definitely want to see more of their interactions. Especially now that Izuku knows more about Toshinori’s past – at least he knows about Nana now – and Gran Torino kept hinting at All Might’s true name during Izuku’s stay. There is a lot that this old hero has to tell Izuku (and, yeah, I want him to become an adopted Grandpa for Izuku, alright, I got caught.)


Gran Torino and Recovery Girl:

The two old veterans who constantly worry over Toshinori and Izuku, each in their own way. Do they perhaps already know each other, since Gran Torino was once a teacher at U.A.? Did Recovery Girl know Nana, too? Even if they don’t know each other yet, I’m so here for sassy old people laying down the law.


Naomasa and Toshinori:

Since when have they known each other? How come that Naomasa is one of the few people who was allowed to see Toshinori’s true appearance? I want to know everything about those two. I think they are something like best friends, but they haven’t interacted much now, and I think that’s a pity.


Naomasa and Izuku:

Pretty much the same reason as the one for Gran Torino. Naomasa is another person who obviously has known Toshinori for a long time, and Izuku is Toshinori’s first-ever-student and his successor. I would love to see best friend and student interact a bit, since they both care a lot for Toshinori. Plus, I’m sure they would be quite curious to get to know each other.


Hagakure Tooru and everyone in Class 1-A:

I’m not saying that Tooru doesn’t get screen time often, since I guess it’s really hard for Horikoshi to give twenty children equal screen time, but… I think Tooru is one of the students we don’t know much about. Has she always been invisible? Does she feel kinda left out sometimes – since she only can be seen when she is wearing clothes, and nobody will ever be able to really look at her? I want to know.


Satou, Shouji, Sero, Tokoyami and everyone:

Pretty much the same reasoning as for Tooru. I want to know everything there is to know about all the students of Class 1-A. I just love those kids.


Present Mic and Ms. Jokes and Midnight:

That’s my teachers squad, okay. My “They-would-drive-Aizawa-up-the-wall”-squad. Those three would hit it off immediately, I’m sure of it, and it would be hilarious.


Aizawa and Sansan:

Man who loves cats and a cat-human. ‘Nough said. They need to meet again and become best buddies.


Mei Hatsume and Izuku Midoriya:

A girl who loves to invent and design and a boy who is a nerd who takes notes and designed his own hero-outfit. Two nerds, basically. They would hang out and design super cool new stuff like outfits, weapons and more, I’m sure of it.


Hisashi Midoriya in general:

I’m not even convinced of his existence yet. Never seen, never mentioned, he’s a phantom. Until proven otherwise, Toshinori is Izuku’s Dad. There we go.

(But honestly, Horikoshi, give us something about this guy.)