Creepy story time

So this phone number keeps calling me at random times of the day and whenever I answer there’s a few seconds of silence and then they hang up. When I miss the call, there is never a voicemail. I tried calling back, but the phone just rang endlessly. This has gone on for about 3 weeks now so my friend and I decided to do some research
Long story short, the internet is a wonderful thing and I was able to find a name and home address. Tomorrow I’m going on an adventure. If I die, just remember that I loved you all.

Old Versus New

Before Jack met Geoff, she was different.

Skinnier. Wore revealing clothes. Had long hair. Made her voice higher. Wore makeup.

She had to act that way. It’s what was expected of her. To survive. She had to make herself look appealing.

Griffin told her that, when she was first starting out.

Jack called her crazy. Said she would never change herself to get a job.

But she did.

It made her feel dirty. But she got the job. Got the money.

Then she met Geoff. Joined his gang. (Well, actually helped create it.)

She met the Golden Boy. Mogar. Brownman. Vagabond. Lil’ J.

She realized she didn’t have to act like she used to.

Cut her hair. Ate whatever she wanted without having to throw it up afterwards. Started wearing floral shirts. And crop tops. Finally spoke in her real voice. Which was many octaves below her fake one. Stopped wearing 50 pounds of makeup.

She started being open with her feelings. Started kissing Geoff more. And Gavin. And Ryan. And Michael. And Ray. And Jeremy. She started kissing everyone.

Laying with Geoff one night. She realized how much she had changed.

The girl working to bend to the world’s will was gone. Replaced by a girl who wasn’t afraid of what the world was going to throw at her.

Because she had her boys at her side.

—  @fangirling-on-the-tardis (based off of the wonderful @the-fahc-comic and @fahchaus)

me: man, i’ve been out of it. i should just do something different to try and get back into the swing of things. something to challenge myself, but not too ambitious to the point where i’ll never finish it either

also me: oh so you mean like this??

me: did you even hear a fucking word i said

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Sadie saw a flash of movement from the side, and whipped to face it. Whatever flew by came at the speed of light. Enough that a fair amount of her own hair sprawled across her pale face. With nothing but plain interest, she walked down the path that the flash had traveled. 


She breaks into a nervous smile, hoping to not post a threat.

“Hit and runs are usually considered rude, you know that?”

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together were 1.5 white ppl wed Die straight up im not dying in shitty indiana dog ill Fight a witch

i’d like to think i’m smarter than the average white horror movie protag but that’s what most of the average white horror movie protags think, fuck,