anonymous asked:

Give us 10 good ocs made by your friends

these are in no particular order but i love them all

Ransom who belongs to @goodkingmushabon

Red, @caffeinateddecaf‘s oc

I’m counting @sexycontainmentprocedures‘ vorehole as an oc 

ask @super-clever-person about their fidget spinner kid creepypasta

@ribbon-child has the cutest little cyclops

@zodiac-mage has the best oc rp characters and u should go talk to her about them

@queenelectra42 has a knack for creating adorable character designs in vidya games

@harvestlocks has these lil plant people and honestly they are the cutest damn things in the whole universe hands down

@justafantembun‘s fursona….do fursonas count because fuck it im counting them

and shoutout to the guy i was friends with in hs whose scp oc i drew and accidentally became one of my ocs…..oops