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Cowplant WIP

Here is how far I got with painting today. I am painting the green parts of the plant first. Trying to recreate the gradients on the stem and leaves is probably the hardest part. I am layering on the gradients and then I will add more detail as I go. After that I will repeat the same process on the leaves.


Here she is, my almost complete speed sculpt of Linda the Lungfish from Psychonauts. I say almost because I completely forgot her metal plates, so she’ll have to wait until I can find my apoxie sculpt in my craft room. Other than that hiccup she was finished in under 25 hours! I’m so proud of myself! If you’re interested in reserving her, drop me a note. She’ll end up being $120+shipping.

Cowplant WIP

I made some progress on the cowplant today. I added the first roots and drilled an extra hole with my dremel for the tail. I had to cut of the tail from the body, which wasn’t in my game plan for this sculpture but it had to be done (sadface). I am adding some more roots after these apoxie roots are cured. 


Crystal Community Showcase: June 2017

Check out our newest Crystal Community Showcase!

The Crystal Community Showcase is a monthly art exhibit housed in a high-traffic area of our studio, showcasing some incredibly creative work from fans. The goal is to bring inspiration full circle by paying tribute to art inspired by Crystal Dynamics games.

Each month we will curate eight pieces featuring our past and present projects, across a variety of artistic mediums. Learn more about how to have your work considered for the showcase via our FAQ.

Check out our eight featured artists for the month of June below! Congrats to all the participants!


SPACE SAMURAI FANG (Supēsu Bushi Fang) aka ROCKET WOLF FANG (Roketto Ōkami Fang) is a character I made up when I was a little kid. I wrote a lengthy origin story on the Harvard mainframe (where my mom worked), which garnered me a fan letter. He’s the last survivor of an alien race, whose been recruited by the emperor who killed his people. (I think the plan was that Fang would eventually get revenge: I’ve always been about the long-unfolding plots, I guess.)

This 1/6th scale mini-bust was sculpted with Sculpey Firm, Super Sculpt, and Apoxie, and painted with acrylic paints.

Here’s a teenage drawing of the character, then a sketch from memory from a week or so ago that lead to the sculpture:

Cowplant WIP

Finally started painting! :) Which means I am nearing the end of this project. I already started on something else a while ago so that is what I will be working on next. But for now I will be busy painting. After I have painted the plant I will make fake dirt to fill the rest of the terra cotta pot with. I put some paper towel around the pot so it wouldn’t get paint on it while I am painting. 


Commission I’m working on. (Polymer clay). The face isn’t done yet, just blocked out, and these photos were sent to the commissioner to make sure the expression and pose are okay before I continue. His ears are still a bit big and of course he needs more details like eyelids and such. I do multiple bakes, so the shoulders and legs will be added after. I like the multiple bake method because it allows me to work on these in parts, but it makes it difficult to get proportions correct because you have to sort of envision the end sculpture and measure your proportions because you can’t “see” them as you’re working. I measure all my armatures against a real horse skeleton photo and then do scale measurements for whichever breed i’m doing (in this case, a friesian). Even then, I often do a lot of carving and dremelling at the end to correct mistakes. 

The different types of clay you see:
White: apoxie sculpt, expensive and air dry, I use it to set my armatures and for editing sculptures at the end
Beige: super sculpey, it’s cheap, I use it to block out larger, less detailed areas
Grey: 50/50 Mix of super sculpey and sculpey firm, I use this for most detail sculpting, it’s my favourite but sculpey firm is expensive so I only use the mix when I need to

those are my main tools for forming figurines…

first two pictures: fimo doll art for skin parts, super sculpey firm for the rest (clothing etc). both materials must be baked at 130°C for 15 min, when finished with sclupting. i worked with keramiplast first, but i must say, sculpey and fimo are much easier and cleaner to work with. to stabilize your figurine i would recommend to make a wire armature first. i usually buy those that are used for wire jewelry. easy to bend, nicer basic shapes are the result.

third picture: mainly i use modeling brushes (the one with the blue tips) for details. i use the very left one to attach sculpting material.


Pearl sculpture made by me 
Photographed by my father

Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt over a wire armature. Primed and then painted with Acrylics. The sculpture including the MDF base is about 15cm tall.

WIP pictures can be found here.

This sculpture is for sale! More info can be found here.