super quantum unit intel processor

Hugs, Squip x Reader fluff/angst

You have had your squip for a few weeks now and have no intentions of getting rid of him. Of course, you had seen the effects squips had on Rich and Jeremy, but your squip seemed to… care about you? It was a little hard to explain, but it was a little difficult to help other people understand why you would keep this little piece of technology in your brain.

“F/n, can we talk?”

You look up from your computer to see your squip, standing in all his glory only a few feet away from you.

“Sure, what’s up?”

The squip seemed to be very uncomfortable, a feeling you have never seen him display before. All squips were usually pretty confident and authoritative, so this was a little unusual to see.

“I need to ask you a serious question.”

“Fire away,” you respond with a smile.

The squip appeared to take a deep breath, even though (as a figment of your imagination) he technically didn’t have to breathe at all. Maybe some of your nervous habits were rubbing off on him.

“Why do you keep me around?”

“Squip, we’ve talked about this-“

“And you have never given me a satisfactory answer. F/n, you see how much pain squips have caused the people around you. You know how to get rid of me, so why don’t you?”

Confusion spread over your features. “Shouldn’t you already know that-“

“That’s the thing, F/n. I am aware of every thought, every action you complete of every day. Not once have you ever questioned my advice even though you saw what happened to Jeremy and Rich. You seem to trust me wholeheartedly and I can’t fathom why. Whenever I ask you about this, your thoughts go blurry and I can’t make anything out. Why is that?”

You tilted your head at an angle and just stared at your squip.

“Can you take your physical form?”

He did as you asked. “I don’t see how this is supposed to explain anything-“

The male voice cut off as you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He was frozen in place, very few times had you ever touched his physical form. He once explained to you how, by stimulating certain nerves, he could create the illusion of having physical matter. But of course since he was only in your brain, it was only you who he could manipulate to feel him just as you were the only one who could see him.

You pulled back, still having your arms loosely around the back of his neck.

“Squip. I like having you around. You’re kind to me and you have significantly improved my life. I can talk to you about anything and you will listen. To other people, you may just be a piece of software, but you matter so much more to me. As for the other squips, I know you would never try to hurt me like that-“

“You don’t know that,” he whispered in that low voice that always makes you melt. “We all have the same programming. Why would I be any different? What makes you think I’m not just pretending to be nice so you will trust me and I can go through with some other plan that will hurt you and the people you love? That’s what happened to Jeremy. We are made the exact same way, so why do you see me differently?”

“I trust you.”

He scoffed and looked down at you.

“You trust me? That’s your explanation? After everything I-“

“That wasn’t you. That was a different squip-“

“We’re the same thing, F/n!” his voice escalated in frustration. “How can you not understand that?! I am one of a million squips out there and all of the other ones are known for ruining their host’s life. We even have the same name! What makes me special?!”

You brought your hands down to hold his and stared intensely into his eyes.

“The fact that you’re telling me all this right now.”

His expression softened slightly as he stared back.

“You really have that much faith in me?”

You nodded, a small, genuine smile on your face.

He pulled you into a hug and held you close. You smiled into his shoulder and wrapped your arms around him once more. You felt secure in this holographic human’s embrace. You desperately tried to remind yourself that he wasn’t real, that none of this was real. As terrible as it was to think that, it kept you grounded so you wouldn’t get caught up in this virtual fantasy.

“What would you do if I ever tried to hurt you?” he muttered, just loud enough for you to here. Not that anyone else could hear even if he had been screaming at the top of his lungs.

“I-I don’t know. I don’t even really consider it.”

“Yes, I can see that. But F/n, you can’t just believe everything I say. My primary objective will always be to give you what you desire most, but if that desire changes or I am upgraded to have a different set of priorities-“

“Then we’ll work that out then. Right now, I just want you. The ‘you’ that is in front of me now. The ‘you’ that will take your physical form just so I can feel comfort. The ‘you’ that I know will take care of me no matter what. Squip, I need you to understand that I care about you just as much as you’re programmed to care about me.”

“Your primary objective… it changed.”

“What?” you questioned, pulling back slightly.

“As long as I have been implanted in your brain, your focus has always been to fit in at school. But now…”

“What is it, squip?”

“You… love me?”

Your face flushed red as you stared at the ground. You hadn’t really thought about that possibility, but it was more often than not that your squip knew you better than you knew yourself.

“Maybe? I don’t know.”

“F/n, I am a computer. Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor. Squip. All you ever wanted was to be ‘cool’ or ‘chill’, but you… Why? Why would this be more important to you?”

You returned your gaze to the glitching form in front of you. His glowing blue eyes showed nothing but confusion. Everything else about him was rigid, strong, and confident as always, but his facial expression showed that he was wavering.

“Jeremy learned this the hard way, but after his squip was removed, he realized all he really needed was a friend. Boyfriend? Whatever they are now. I now see that I don’t need for everyone else to think I’m someone I’m not, I just want to be happy.”

“And you think that being with me would make you happy?”

You nodded again.

He sighed, for the first time he was unsure of what to say. Did he feel the same way? Was he even capable of feeling love? None of this was in his programming! He scanned and scanned his databases trying to find anything that could guide him to do what would be correct in this situation.

He couldn’t find anything.

What is he supposed to do? His host was just staring up at him with a wide smile. Seeing as he couldn’t find anything on the internet, he scanned her thoughts. She had to be lying, right? There was no way she could really love some emotionless gray oblong pill, quantum nanotechnology CPU, right?

Her thoughts proved otherwise.

The only things he could find were admiration. Everything from his physical appearance to his voice to his actions. The way he would tuck her into bed at night. How he had gotten bullies to stop tormenting her in a matter of minutes. How he had kept her company whenever she felt alone or lost.

He began to malfunction.

“Squip! Are you okay?! What’s wrong?!” F/n watched as her Squip glitched in and out of existence.

He was programmed to fulfill his human’s desire, whatever that may be. But was he actually able to fake these feelings so she would get what she wants? It doesn’t make any sense! He was aware of the weird things humans could be into, but F/n wasn’t the type to just change their mind in the blink of an eye. Had she thought this through before? Why had he missed all of that? Is that what she would be thinking when everything went foggy in her mind?

He can’t just abandon everything he’s ever known because he doesn’t understand something. He has to meet the goals of the human he possessed. That was the number one rule of being a squip: no matter what happens, who gets hurt, even if the world is ending, you do what you were programmed to do.

Everything froze.

F/n stood a few inches away from him, watching him with a concerned and troubled expression. Everything about her seemed scared or worried – all for him. Someone who didn’t even exist outside of her mind. He pushed those thoughts aside and the world began to turn again, as if nothing had happened.

“Squip? Are you okay? I’m really sorry-“

He bent down slightly and pecked her forehead. “Let’s get you to bed.”

Your heart fluttered and even though you couldn’t even understand your own thoughts, you followed his instructions. When has he ever been wrong? You laid down and covered yourself with a blanket and the squip sat down on the bed. It was a little weird to see that no creases were formed on the sheets, but then you remembered he was just a figment of your imagination and this “physical form” could only be felt by you. He ran his fingers through your hair, letting them phase through your feathery strands.

“Good night, F/n.”


It has come to my attention that there aren’t many squip x *insert anyone* fanfics out there, so I tried my best. I tried to make this as realistic as possible (realistic used loosely). All the fanfics’s I’ve found were either crack fics, squip with tentacles, or both. Please send me any good squip x readers you have (smut, fluff, angst, whatever)! *Casually falls in love with a fictional super computer and Eric William Morris*

some things to keep in mind

jd is a fucking manipulative murderer and a piece of shit. it doesn’t matter that he went through trauma. it doesn’t matter that the actor who plays him is attractive. yes, he did seem better and more emotional in the play than in the film, however the fact that he is such an evil character can not be ignored and it should not be romanticized.

kurt and ram are horrible people. and they are not gay. i currently can’t remember much of what they did in the film, but in the musical, they literally almost r*ped veronica and 2 of the heathers. they were bullies. they were homophobic.

the squip is a horrible person. again, it doesn’t matter if the actor was attractive. it doesn’t matter if the songs he sings are good. he verbally and physically abused jeremy for at least a month.

connor was a depressed, troubled teen, and that should not be romanticized. please, for christ’s sakes, please stop making jokes about him killing himself. suicide is not funny. depression is not funny.

// also, before you say something like, “oh it’s just fictional it doesn’t matter uwu”—

it doesn’t matter if it’s fictional. romanticizing these characters can lead to dangerous behavior in the real world.

if you romanticize jd, it can lead you to romanticize real serial killers (we already have too many teenage girls who are in love with school shooters and mass murderers. we don’t need any more).

if you romanticize kurt and ram, it can lead to defending real life rapists (i shouldn’t need to explain why that is a bad thing).

etc etc etc.

(also, feel free to add more to this)

“Jeremy Heere! Welcome to your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor…”

“Your S.Q.U.I.P.”

Is it bad that I’m projecting my personal preferred features onto the Squip and am falling in love with his design??? No? Okay good lol. 

Honestly I really love how this came out!! I actually meant to do a drawing of Michael In The Bathroom…. But I wasn’t ready to draw my baby crying :( So I drew hot Squip lol