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Min Yoonji's gun. The blindfold Jungkook wore when him and Yoongi danced together in BTS's Gayo - Track 14, A lifesize Sailor Moon cut out. A signed poster of Super Junior. Erm... A well-written 20,000+ word bottom!Yoongi SugaKookie fanfiction?

Hmm… Yes. I think you could summon me with this. I would probably jack the cutout and the fanfic and peace right back out xD

Tell me what you would summon me with!

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I was watching Yesung's interview in HK and how he said that all the members since getting out of the military have been shedding more tears. It hurts me that they've been put through so much but I'm glad they seem to be doing okay. I just want to hug everyone

I see…

i hope they’re doing great… super junior went through alot of hardship i’m pretty sure they can rise up high like nothing happened.. we’re hear to help them right?

also let me hug you.everything will be alright.

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What was heechul saying in his insta video? I heard him say super junior and I'm just curious. Do you know?

I think i heard that too..not pretty sure though Nony.

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queria comentarte que he empezado a escuchar k-pop, como que tu y mi novia me incitaron a hacerlo y la verdad es que me encanto sobre todo super junior, topp dogg y bts, espero y puedas recomendarme algo. vas a ser mi senpai en esto. Nicol senpai

G Dragon, bigbang, day6, exo, blackpink💕

Nicol senpai suena super tierno xD 

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are you into kpop, and if so, what are you fav bands? :)

“How did you get into KPOP?”

Specifically by him…

…and also him.

I am a huge fan of SHINee and SUPER JUNIOR. I listen to a bunch of KPOP groups on a daily basis. I also love WINNER, BTOB, NCT 127, HIGHLIGHT, BLACKPINK, RED VELVET, TWICE, SNSD, EXO, GOT7, INFINITE, MAMMOO, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN and - very very recently - WANNA ONE.

These boys gonna be the death of me.

So, uhm… yeah, I listen to KPOP.

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mun’s talk:

first group you listened to? Teen Top, ewentualnie Shinee. Nie jestem tu pewna tak maksymalnie.
first solo artist you listened to? Ailee? Chyba.
first group to actually know their names? Teen Top!
first bias ever? Jako że byłam mocno into jeden zespół - Niel
first song to make you emotional? Wacham się między Missung You - Teen Top a Only One - B1A4
top 3 male groups? Nu’est, Teen Top i…. Day6-KARD-Super Junior
top 3 female groups? Mimo wszystko jak zawsze chce się jakimiś dziewczynkami zainteresować to coś nie chce mi na to pozwolić, ale zawsze kochałam stare 9muses, T-ara, Apink, a niedawno polubiła mocno Pristin
top 3 solo artists? Yoo Seungwoo, Ailee, Eddy Kim
top 3 fave songs of all time? N I G D Y nie potrafię wybrać top3. Zwłaszcza w piosenkach. Ale niech będzie - Daybreak - Minhyun&JR, Only One - B1A4, Miss Right - Teen Top
top 3 biases? Niel, JR(nu’est), Eunhyuk
top 3 choreographies? nie umiem tańczyć, nie znam się, kocham wszystkie choreografie Infinite i Teen Top. Dziękuję.
ultimate bias group? Teen top łamane przez Nu’est. TO JEST NAPRAWDĘ TRUDNY WYBÓR. nie umiem??
ultimate male bias? Niel. Mimo że był dropany, wracałam do niego, znów dropany był to jednak on.
ultimate female bias? nie posiadam. Bo wszystkie które mogły być moimi female ub to poodchodziły z zespołów. Ale całym sercem kocham Ryu Sera z namyu


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