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i love timkon and i love captive prince this was inevitable.

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Things I wish Soul Eater utilized more of: Blairs cat form

Like, in the manga/anime there were scenes where Blair wandered around as a cat.

Example 1 being during the studying for the super written exam. Another being in the Manga when Soul and Maka took on the dark clowns.

In both these scenes, we get an insight on everything happening around the characters outside of our protagonists perspective. It was a really interesting story technique, and it was also really interesting for blair too because she is a fucking POWERFUL cat.

Okay, so this is a screenshot from the “The Super Written Exam – Heart-Pounding, Reeling, and Restless. You’re Kidding!?” it is what Patti uses to “do” her test.

You know, that^

Now, I think that, instead of crayons, as Soul thinks they are, I think they’re oil pastels. (and this is with my not all that advanced knowledge of art, but I have oil pastels, and those look more like oil pastels than they do crayons.)

So basically, I think that Patti is actually an artist in her spare time. And she just randomly keeps oil pastels with her. And besides, she has to have some sort of artistic skill to be able to make this

I have this headcanon that Maka actually sucks really hard at baking. She can cook really well (she kind of learned in self defense because neither Kami nor Spirit is great at it and someone in that household had to know how to handle a frying pan or they were all gonna end up with food poisoning), but asking her to bake is a disaster waiting to happen. She just doesn’t has the touch for it. Burns brownies, puts too much yeast in everything (occasionally including things that aren’t actually supposed to have yeast in them), one time she managed to catch an entire cake on fire… Maka does not bake, ever.

Soul, on the other hand, can bake spectacularly. If there’s a pie to be made, he’s your man. He refuses to reveal even under threat of Maka-chop how he learned to bake, but he’s ridiculously good at it and takes a great deal of joy in laughing at Maka when she fails spectacularly and he has to come salvage her attempts.