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I lost a bet with @fatlardo​ so here’s 1k of G-rated Patater, set after comic 3.8

Kent half-expects the code Alexei sent him not to work, but it does; the lock on the gate whirrs open, and he can slip through. He puts his hands in his pockets, hunches his shoulders as he walks past the dim lights of the pool, ducks under the vines on the back pergola. He can see the lights burning in the kitchen and he could mount the stairs to the patio, go in through the French doors, but he’d rather not right now. It feels easier to go through the downstairs office, slink through dark hallways until he reaches the back staircase and its ascent into the kitchen’s glow.

Alexei doesn’t look up when Kent steps into the kitchen, just calmly keeps drinking his coffee out of its little cup. He’s still in his shirt and tie, but his waistcoat is unbuttoned; his suit jacket is draped over a chair. There’s a second cup set out, and it’s coffee, but–

“You’re angry with me,” Kent says.

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Someday it’ll be Yona’s turn to give forehead kisses


well it was nice knowing you anchan

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unpopular opinion; i think polyamory is just wrong. if you love someone there's no room for someone else to "love" equally

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In terms of my own life and relationships I agree, but I don’t have a right to tell people how they can and can’t feel. I know people who are polyamorous and have had it work out really well for everyone involved. I don’t really understand it, but I know that cases like onision aren’t the gold standard of polyamorous relationships lol

@kciri​ replied: AHHHHHHH YEA!!!!!!! *inserts vert vibrating gif* LET’S BEAT UP SAIX WITH OUR BARE HANDS, JENNY
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get a room (hs!au)

“Do I have to?”

Barry sat outside Iris’s bedroom door, his legs sprawled across the hallway. He knew that there was no arguing with Iris Ann West when she was set on something, when she got an idea in her head and wanted to run with it. But he had to try. Because going to a party populated with a bunch of kids who would gladly shove him in lockers if Iris weren’t around was not his ideal way of spending this Friday night. Or any night.

He would much rather be at home with his mom, watching some documentary on education or politics or food that she found on Netflix. And if it hadn’t been for the 911 text he’d gotten from Iris, he would be.

“Yes,” Iris said, throwing open her bedroom door, “you have to. You are literally required by the law to go with me to this party.”

“You dad isn’t the law, Iris.”

She shrugged. “He’s an officer of the law. It’s the same thing, really.” Iris looked at herself in the mirror by her door one last time, and opted to take off the jean crop jacket she’d thrown on. He watched her shrug it off and then pull her hair up into a ponytail before deciding that, too, was a bad look for the night. “What do you think?” she asked, opening up her arms and twisting her body so he got a full view of everything.

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拾ってください! (Hirotte kudasai!)

Kzentertainment has announced another CD for their lineup!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Out of the blue, the person you dated in middle school, 愁 (Shuu), appears in front of your house one day, asking you to let him stay over at your place.

Given that something must happened to him, you decide to accommodate him. However, as you two spend time together, you come to realize that he has been lying about something, and has also been meeting with someone in secret.

“I’ll properly tell you the reason for what I’ve been doing later… so I want to touch you. I’ve held back all this time, you know…”

And the reason for why Shuu came to be “picked up by you” is…?

CV: 蒼井夕真 (Iguchi Yuuichi)

Release Date: March 25th, 2016.

Heechul: Never have a group which have so many unfortunate things happened, we really own every unfortunate thing in the history of all the kpop groups in the Republic of Korea.

160414 Knowing Bros FB Live  (c)

Someting Outrageous

If you’re drinking something, stop. If you’re eating, stop. I wouldn’t want you to choke or spit or anything.

So I was at Mass earlier this afternoon with my family. Right as Mass should have started, our priest walks out from the sacristy and up to the pulpit. I’m curious, of course, but no worried. Sometimes priests make announcements before Mass, no biggie.

Man, I was so, so incredibly wrong.

There’s been a lot of drama in our city lately so I wasn’t that shocked when he started off by telling us that he had received a nasty letter in the mail Friday. Then he started to read it.

Nothing could have prepared me for what came out of his mouth.

The anon who had written the letter went on and on about how they and others were not happy with the way things were going at our parish. Mostly it concerned the person in charge of the music and such. They wanted change and they were willing to do awful things to get it.

In the letter, they threatened that until things changed, they would stop their donations to the parish, diocese and school (my parish is connected to a Catholic school).

However, they then said that they would take the Holy Eucharist and keep it in their pockets, leave it in missals, or just lying in the pew. When I heard this, I almost fainted, even though I was seated.

After our priest finished reading the letter, he told us that scotch-taped to the paper were 3 hosts. Now, there is no way to know whether or not they were consecrated, but they most likely were.

Father asked us to please check the missals and pews around us to see if their were any hosts.

I was trembling, shaking with anger. There is no excuse, NONE, that justifies what these people are doing. To disrespect the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, is unforgiveable.

To stick Jesus in their pockets?!? To have our Lord jiggling around in their pants, simply because they’re angry at something that isn’t THAT important?

To leave Him in the pews or in a missal, as if He wasn’t the King and Savior of the world. The Eucahrist is what makes us Catholic. It’s the reason people convert. It’s what our lives should be centered on.

I am outraged. I’m channeling all my outrage into prayer and fasting until this is resolved. I ask you to say a prayer or two for this. I hate asking for prayer intentions, but this isn’t about me. This is about Jesus. My heart breaks at the thought of Him being mistreated.

when i was in new york i did a walking tour and it was -13 degrees celsius so when the tour guide stopped us in the graveyard of trinity church and asked to borrow my $10 i was like wtf

but then he talked about some guy who was like a founding father and a pretty big deal on wall street and now i can say that i have paid my respects at the grave of alexander hamilton

so i was stalking the team delusional tag and i saw someone mention something in “Consumed” when daryl and c@rol were spying on the cops. they were apparently chaining a bike to a lamp post and the first thing i thought of was…


if the theory of beth being left at grady is true (which is pretty likely, imo) she will recover from her head injury/possible coma, escape the hospital in the time-skip that is supposed to happen in 5b and ride that bike until she finds team family or morgan!!!!!

all these rick/beth parallels are making me happy.

I’m going through a strange and terrible phase of desire for romantic intimacy. It’s not like when you’re constantly hot and bothered, and all you want to do is have sex. I’m not imagining hard fucking with the most attractive people I can think of. It’s quite the opposite, actually. I have this unrelenting desire for innocent, domestic love. I want to come home and curl up on the couch with someone nice. I was someone to wrap their arms around my waist and burry their face in my hair while I’m doing the dishes or cooking. I want to crawl into bed after a long bath and have someone there to intertwine their legs with mine and hold me to their chest. I just want someone to love me, but I’m in no position for any of this to become a reality any time soon. That’s a really torturous feeling.