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Some more Doclara things because inundating the fandom is my self-imposed job on this blog aside from RP:

  • Spontaneous dancing is a thing that happens. Especially bc Emmett is a hopeless romantic, and especially when he’s not really doing anything else at the time. Hi. I’m bored. Dance with me. I love you.
  • She’ll turn the tables on him sometimes though when her husband’s gone a bit too deep into Hyperfocus Mode while in the lab. Just a slow waltz until she can tell his eyes are no longer focused about 9 dimensions away from Earth. Welcome back. You’ve been in here for 12 hours do you want to try and take a break and eat something? He’ll give her a twirl and wait a couple minutes before responding, just dancing.
  • They’ll also do going to dances things because when you have access to all of time and space, you can find some pretty dang classy places for dates. They keep picking up new styles and can actually really kill it together out there.
  • Clara also learned to speak French long ago because they’re both the steampunk equivalent of a weeabo. She’s actually a lot better at it than Emmett.
  • They practice speaking it with each other for several months before taking a trip to 19th-century France to be able to meet a certain author. They’re both sort of intensely awkward and overexcited and starstruck and jabbering on about how his work was an inspiration and how it was part of the reason they got married and thank you sir you don’t know how much of an honor it is! Jules Verne never actually forgets the impression of these two highly peculiar fans, and the experience of putting a signature into that many books at once, some of which he’s pretty sure he did not actually write yet.
  • Meanwhile they’re just geeking out about it for months. Like oh my God that actually happened we actually got to do that.
  • They have a few other squee-worthy trips in time which I can’t really think of the details rn aside from there’s a lot of meeting scientists and astronomers and maybe the far future when space travel is a lot less of a big deal.
  • Then there’s antigravity dancing
  • Anyway my point is even after 10 years they’re still enormous dorks it’s their dynamic.
  • …So Clara going back to teaching in the future is all well and good but like… Clara going to college in the future because she’s a bright thing and deserves to know and do more in the world than what the 19th century would allow to her, namely teaching.
  • Emmett is very very proud and delighted to tutor her.
  • He’s been doing that for a while, actually, in a way. She likes questions and he likes talking about science.
  • Kickass (astro)physicist/engineer PhD power couple
  • They are definitely and very frequently highly embarrassing to their children. They are happy, and don’t really care. The boys eventually grow into an amused-eyeroll-type reaction at their dorky antics.
my take on SuperWhoLock

YES i am a fan of Supernatural, YES i am a fan of Doctor Who, YES i am a fan of Sherlock… you know what i am not? I AM NOT A FAN OF SUPERWHOLOCK, the superwholock fandom, for the most part, (i am not saying every single person is like this but come on lets face it) are whiny, immature girls that think they are the all powerful rulers of Tumblr and the internet. they will tear your head off (or leave you a shit ton of anon hate) if you insult Destiel or Johnlock. do i ship these ships, personally i ship them as friends only, i will admit i can see some connection between these couples but if they dont become cannon id be totally okay with it. but those girls that sent HATE and THREATS to the actress that played Mary in Sherlock, because they thought it would interfear with their gay ass ship, are the gross and vile parts of the fandom that make other fandoms dislike us so much. to the people that always say shit like “YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG FANDOM” you are the ones making us look bad. and about doctor who, those people that complain about New Who or Capaldi and only really watched the show because of David or Matt you all dont deserve to be whovians. i am not saying SuperWhoLock is a bad fandom, individually i am proud to be a Hunter, a Whovian, and a Sherlockian. but i will not be pinned up with that “fandom” that just makes the rest of us look bad. if someone says some opinion against superwholock and you have the NERVE to send hate for it, then you are what is wrong with the fandom. no one cares anymore that you “… know how to murder some one and make it look like an accident!” or you “… know how to summon a demon!” you are all a joke to the rest of tumblr, i know this because i am not just a fan of those three things. i am in other fandoms, many more and i know all the kinda things they all say about you. so mature a bit, stop sending hate and respect other peoples opinions because there are other things out there than three shows about a bunch of white guys you just wanna watch fuck… thank you

One time I went to a candy store and got a discount because me and my girlfriend started taking to the manager about doctor who because of my tardis dress it was super rad, thank you whovian candy lady for the discount


So cos I’ve got quite a few followers now I guess some of you will see this. I just wanted to tell you all a little story.

So I was going out with this guy before Christmas but things happened and we didn’t talk again till recently and he told me he wanted to take me on a date cos he never got the chance before. So I figured this would be awesome cos I really liked this guy. He’s absolutely amazing and a super Whovian like me. Even our Whovian level is the same. My favourite series and companion is Series 2 and Rose and the episode pictured above (New Earth) is also one of my favourites and they are his too! Its so awesome! 

So just to kinda summarise this date, it was absolutely incredible. He came and got me first and brought me flowers (no one has ever done this for me and I got super excited). Then we took the train through to Edinburgh and we were going to see a movie (Deadpool - yas!) but we had some time before so me -being the Whovian I am - said we should get some chips. I know it probably sounds kinda weird but it was one of my favourite parts of the date and it was right at the start cos all I could think about was 10 and Rose in New New York sitting and laughing and smiling and then Rose going “It was our first date” and 10 just looking over at her and going “We had chips!”

Anyway, the rest of the date was amazing, he took me out to Deadpool, then we went to this cute wee Italian place and then we went for a walk through Edinburgh and I can’t BEGIN to tell you how many Doctor Who references there was! It was amazing!

Needless to say, the date went awesome and he’s now my super Whovian boyfriend. Thought Id put some New Earth pictures in with a picture of me and him at the end. He makes me so happy and it was the first proper date I’ve ever been on. Thought it’d be cool to share with you guys. 

Cos… well…. It was our first date… and we got chips <3

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