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Lost in Marvel  (Part 6/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic), Reader x Pietro Maximoff (Slightly)

Word count: 800+

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It was a quiet morning in the tower, most of the avengers weren’t up making it easy for you to get around without going into fangirl mode and thanks to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s help you weren’t getting lost like you would normally do. After having some cereal you’d change from your pj’s into something that was suitable for training as you planned to work on your abilities.

Along the way to the training room you had gathered a few objects to help with your telekinesis training, entering the empty training room you set the objects down onto the floor roughly the same distance away from each other on the ground.

“What are you doing up so early?” You turn around to see Pietro leaning against the door frame.

“Training and you?”

“I’m here to help” He says walking into the room “So what kind of intense training are you planning on using this dictionary for?” You let out a small chuckle as you placed the last object onto the ground.

“You know what my abilities are right?” You ask making him think for a few seconds.

“Fury sent me the file but I’m not a fan of reading…a lot” Pietro answers making you raise your brow “You can move things with your mind like Wanda and knock anyone out like Cap, am I right?” He says rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah and heal like Deadpool” his eyes widen at the mention of the Merc with a mouth.

“That guy is a bit weird but funny, sometimes” You took a few steps away from the items you’d laid down.

“Okay less talking more training?” His face went from sweet to serious within seconds.

“Bring it on (Nickname)!” He says getting into position.

“Really? (Nickname)? Thats like the worst nickname ever?” He then breaks out into laughter.

“I’m not gonna change it! (Nickname), you’d better get used to it because I’m never gonna let it go”

“Fine I’ll just have to come up with a terrible one for you now”

“Good luck"

And with that the two of you had trained for many hours without knowing, you two were actually enjoying yourself, at some point you’d accidentally hit Pietro in the face with the dictionary which made you laugh like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh there you guys are, been looking all over for you” You turn your head to the side to see Steve.

“Oh hey, what’s up?” You answer picking yourself off the ground.

“Wow I’ve never actually seen speedy in the same place for more than a minute, what’s your secret?” Steve says making you laugh.

“Shut up old man” Pietro says from the other side of the training room face first on the ground.

“Oh yeah the reason I came looking for you two was because Stark invited the rookie over so I thought it would be nice if you wanted to meet him”

“Yeah sure” You answered immediately making him smile and then walk away.

“Whose the rookie?” You ask the speedster as you turned around to face him only to catch him taking of his shirt to reveal his welt but chest ‘I’m in Marvel heaven’.

“Not sure, really wants to be an Avenger though- Oh like what you see?” You immediately scoffed and turned around and headed for the exit, you could feel your face heat up. “I’ll see ya later (Nickname)” you simply waved and continued walking towards your room and took a quick shower and changed into something more comfortable. In that time you’d put the pieces together and realised the rookie that Tony had invited was in fact Peter, who else could it be?

Making your way out of your room you spot Sam passing by “Hey Sam, where we are the others?” You ask walking down the corridor and stopping in front of him.

“Hey, they’re downstairs, I was heading there way myself” the two of you made your way to the others in the living room only to see everyone but Tony and the guest. You decided to take a seat next to Natasha who seemed like the most chill person to sit next to.

“Hey Natasha”

“Heya (Name) I heard you kicked speedy’s ass in training” You let out a nervous giggle as she brought up the memories of the training session.

“Well not physically-“

“Pietro was laying flat on the ground, he really did get his ass kicked” You were cut off by Steve and the laughters of the rest of the group.

Language” Tony said as he entered the room with none other than Peter Parker.

“Your really never gonna let the go, are you Tony?” Cap says giggling.

“Never” Tony replied and let out a fake cough to get everyones attention “Oh this is Peter Parker, he’s-“



I’m sorry for the long wait Part 6 is here! Hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you thought about it or if you’d like to be tagged in future parts!

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a set of cards that I’ve made last year & totally forgot to post anywhere yay for me that were ment to be printed for london comic con… and they’re all ready and yearning to be done, but apparently printing a set of cards will cost me the equivalent of a kidney unless I’m printing them in millions (in which case they’ll still cost me a small castle worth of gold)

I’ve made few of them into postcards and the backs into A4 folder designs, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to make an actual set. sadface.jpg

but still, making them was A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF FUN