super wave

Photoshopped this so that it can fit on an iPhone 6 lock screen! Feel free to use it 💕

I was having a good day until I checked internet and saw the Sungmin/Kangin situation and let me tell you I’m still sobbing as I’m writing this. I literally burst out in tears upon reading the articles, I’m so angry, I’m so heart-broken, I’m just a crying mess.

I had so much hope that the support coming from international ELF from all around the world would do something, and I literally cannot believe that once again, it’s the “ELF” boycotting Super Junior who won.

I’m so tired of those “ELF” boycotting the band, boycotting the members (how many members will it take before they stop???), and ruining what so many ELF have been waiting for; a comeback with almost everyone, after a two-year hiatus. Even though I knew very well Ryeowook and Kyuhyun wouldn’t be there, I was hopeful, because it was obvious to me that everyone would be there - and I’m sure lots of my fellow ELF felt the same.

We’ve been waiting so many years of military service, Super Junior have gone through so much hardships, and now, in 2017, we’re closer than ever to getting the full band back. But no, those people had to go and destroy our dream.

Super Junior, all of them, whether current or ex-members, have my support. I don’t care. They’re all part of Super Junior in my heart and they’ve brought so much happiness to me these past 6 years. So they’ll have my support, and I can only hope for the best in the months, years to come ;;

i love how Harry’s killing the bs narrative that he hates 1D one show at a time.

media: Harry Styles hates One Direction and doesn’t speak with the rest of the boys anymore. he’s superior to all of it. 

Harry: my amazing, great, wonderful, friends from 1D. you know them. we’ve been here before. me and my amazing friends :) *proceeds on singing 1D’s songs*