super vindicators

I was explaining energy manipulation to my significant other, GV, last week. And I did a little and had her try to feel it. And she did.

It was super vindicating. And even better when she then tried it herself and I was able to help and she could feel the difference.

She considers herself foremost Christian-spiritual. But this was a huge leap in her understanding why I do magic and where my belief emerges from.

Ya know, I feel super vindicated by Thursday and Friday.

Literally every time that Robert said something like “I love Chrissie” or “Aaron meant nothing” we were all calling bullshit. I can’t tell you how many times, especially around the reveal, I saw the “Sure Jan” gif floating about. Not a single one of us was buying it. It feels like those two days were a karmic reward. 

When Robert is trying to work out who could have shot him, not only does he throw Chrissie in at the top of the list but he says it with such a lack of emotion. He says it as casually as he can considering the topic. But he doesn’t even consider Aaron. When Diane says Aaron’s been arrested he looks at her like what she’s saying is impossible and then has to look at Vic (Sugden family feels!) before it sinks in.

He was just so crushed and I love that it opened with him asking if Aaron had admitted anything. Because honestly to me it felt more like he was pleading with them to tell him Aaron was denying it. He was hoping there was an explanation, that Aaron had given a believable reason as to why he had the gun. He was genuinely devastated by the thought that Aaron could hate him enough to want him dead.

But as soon as one person offers him a little seed of doubt (Cain of all people, who he doesn’t trust and is someone who has every reason to want Robert to believe in Aaron’s innocence i.e. lie his ass off) he grabs onto it with both hands and starts sowing that shit like his life depends on it. Which, ya know….

That was obviously what Cain was hoping for. That Robert’s sense of self preservation would make him push for the real shooter to be caught. But I don’t think he accounted for just how much Robert wanted it to NOT be Aaron. Then there is this, almost jump towards Chrissie in Robert’s mind. He went from casually suspecting her, to practically routing for it to be her. But he is all about looking out for number 1 so his brain won’t let him turn his back in the idea that it was Aaron completely. But his heart seemed pretty damn hopeful and cautiously optimistic. So it still felt a little like a payment for sitting through every scene where Robert claimed to be in love with Chrissie.

We got undeniable evidence that that’s bullshit. Because when it came down to it, he was hoping that it would be her, so that it couldn’t be Aaron. When he was forced into a situation where he only got to preserve his belief in one of them, he took a step closer to Aaron. When he was only allowed to keep one “love story” alive…. he chose his and Aaron’s.