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Kan du tale dansk? Jeg vil meget gerne snakke med dig privat, hvis du vil? Altså måske på Instagram eller Snapchat, hvis du har det? ( Jeg er ved at lære Íslenska og det ville være nice, hvis du kunne hjælpe mig med det. Takk fyrir (:

aa ja jeg kan haha 👌🏻men det ville være super asså! jeg har begge to så hvis du spørger mig privat ka’ jeg gi’ dem til dig om det er okay

Here's the translation of the Seiska /18 issue about Mr. Valo. There's nothing important but anyway here it is.

The super cute rock star Ville Valo was caught by Seiska’s paparazzi last week when he was leaving his home in Munkkiniemi. He looked slimmer and healthy but against his habit didn’t take a taxi. Instead he dug up a light green Pelago Brooklyn bicycle from his garage.

Braving the cold spring wind Ville sat on his bicycle and pedaled quickly through the west side of the city. Struggling the paparazzi managed to keep up with the faster than wind rockstar to the border of Taka-Töölö until the brown leather seat of the Pelago and Ville’s tight butt disappeared in the horizon at the crossroad of Mannerheim’s road.

Seiska has found out Ville is on a healthy diet and eats a lot of vegetables and other healthy snacks. Previously open about his alcohol problems, he has also switched to alcohol free beer.

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