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12. Batman and Catwoman ♡

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“After all this time- all these years- you and I have history. I know what you think of me. You think I’m just a doll. A doll that’s pink and light. A doll you can arrange any way you like. You’re wrong. Very wrong. What you think of me is only a ghost of time. I am dangerous. And I will show you just how dark I can be.”

-Harley Quinn, ”Gotham City Sirens”



Obviously her name should be something like Bookworm but it’s actually Magic Wanda and she only ever appeared in this one issue but her plan is PERFECT.

—Spidey Super Stories #42 (1979) script by Jim Salicrup, Michael Siporin, & Julie Mishkin; art by Win Mortimer & Ricardo Villamonte

My Top 5 Favorite Sentai Villainesses!

Yep, I said I would do this list, so here it is!

I love Sentai Villainesses.  Then again, I have a weakness for evil woman in general.  I know this is probably a bad thing but I tend to root for the woman out to get what she wants at any cost versus the goody two shoes trying to be the moral example (with some exceptions mind you).

So, let’s get his list started, shall we?


From 2012′s Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Escape is the counterpart to the much more calculating, devious Enter. In contrast, she is much more hot-headed, impulsive and utterly devoted to Messiah, who she views as her Father, even calling him “Papa”.

She loves to fight and likes to introduce herself and her twin guns, Gog and Magog, by announcing that she is very good.  She has a rivalry with Blue Buster and their fight is one of the single best in the entire series. 

Escape was played by Ayame Misaki (水崎 綾女)

#4 Jeanne

Jeanne was a member of the Evoliens in 2003′s Bakuryuu Sentai AbaRanger. She is actually an evil entity possessing the body of Mahoro, the wife of Asuka/Abare Black.  This is the first (but not the last) time a former lover turned evil is going to appear on this list as it is one of my favorite tropes in Super Sentai. 

Fortunately for Mahoro, she is eventually freed from the control of the Evoliens and returns to who she was.  One of the reasons I adore her is her outfit.  It ranks as one of my favorite Sentai Villainess outfits ever.  It’s just amazingly cool and has a nice look to it.  Plus, bright red is a great color and not one we often seen associated with an villain in Sentai as it tends to be a heroic color.

Jeanne was played by Eri Sakurai (桜井 映里).

#3  Leh Näfel

Leh Näfel is a member of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess from 1986′s Choushinsei Flashman. She was one of Great Doctor Lie Köpflen’s first creations and is highly loyal to him.  She is a cyborg Leopard-woman with the agility and reflexes of a cat as well as being incredibly skilled with a sword.

She is also a mistress of stealth and disguise, using her talents to surprise the Flashman team on more than one occasion.  Eventually, she gets powered up and transformed into a more monstrous version of herself called Näfelura.

Leh Näfel was played by Sayoko Hagiwara (萩原 佐代子) who had previously played the heroic Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink in 1983′s Kagaku Sentai DynaMan.

#2 Maria

Maria in one of the Dimensional War Party Vyram in 1991′s Choujin Sentai Jetman.  She is a seemingly heartless combatant who revels in chaos and hates all things of Earth. She is primarily motivated by jealousy and envy, her Dimension Beasts often being designed to attack women or use these traits against people.

She was once Rie Aoi, a member of the Sky Force along with her boyfriend Ryu  who was to become one of the Jetman team. Vyram attacked before they were ready and she was sucked out into space, presumably killed.  However, she was rescued by a member of the Vyrman, Radiguet, who was taken by her beauty.  He wiped her mind of all human memory and installed her as an officer of the War Party.  So, once again we get the lover turned evil trope I love so much.

Maria was portrayed by  Maho Maruyama (丸山 真穂).


I would feel terrible making a list of awesome villainesses and leaving out even a single character portrayed by the amazing Machiko Soga. Though she doesn’t make the top five, if I had a top 10, she would be #6 for her iconic portrayal of the evil Witch Bandora in 1992′s Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger. 

Bandora could even hit the top spot on this list if I didn’t think that too obvious given her prominence in Western fandom thanks to the American reworking of her series into Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. As well as being an icon, she’s a great character motivated by hatred of the dinosaurs who killed her son and their protectors.

She is also probably the best evil boss in history as she doesn’t blame her underlings for the failure of her plans and tends to reward them for even minor successes.  For example, for his part in helping defeat Daizyujin, she reunited Grifforzer with his wife Lami and even gave him back his voice to speak with his long-missing lover.

Best of all, she has her own song that she and her minions would sing whenever they were on the cusp of ultimate victory or just when she felt like crowing about how awesome she was.

That brings us to the actual top of the list.

#1 Mele

Hailing from 2007′s Jyuken Sentai GekiRanger, Mele (played by Yuka Hirata (平田 裕香))    is one of the most well-developed, sympathetic villains in the history of Super Sentai. She is also devious, madly in love with her boss, a fantastic martial artist, the best evil lieutenant any boss baddy could ask for and undead.

She was a participant in the original GekiRin Rebellion that split the Martial Art of Jyuken into opposing schools, the heroic Gekijyu Beast Arts and the more malevolent Rinjyuken Aku Gata. During that conflict she was killed. However, ten years before the start of the series, she was brought back as a Rinrinsi (a jiang-shi warrior) by Rio who sensed in her lingering spirit the same desire for strength he had.  

Mele is a practitioner of Rinju Chameleon-Ken, the art of stealth and accuracy. She can even transform into a more reptilian form that allows her to blend into her surroundings. In this form, she is also armed with a pair of Sai and can use her chameleon tongue as a weapon. 

As a jiang-shi, or Chinese Vampire/Zombie, she is not truly alive but seeks to become so because she is now in love with the man who brought her back. She is even tempted by someone seeking to usurp Rio’s control of Rinjuken but kills him to prove her loyalty to Rio, giving up her chance to return to life.  She is also in command of all of the lesser Rinsi, the lesser forms of undead that make up the bulk of Rio’s forces and can be elevated into Rinrinsi like herself if Rio so wills.

Though the heroes only ever see her serious, dangerous side, when she is alone with Rio she lets her guard down and becomes softer and even girlishly happy with any amount of praise he grants her. 

The two work the entire series to prove the superiority of their school of Jyuken and to increase Rio’s personal power.  In the end, after all of their questing, all of their triumphs and failings, Rio sacrifices himself to stop and even greater evil that had been using him.  Mele, devoted to the last, walks gladly into Hell with the man she was willing to kill and die for.

It’s romantic, tragic and beautiful all at once and that defines Mele in every way.

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TumblrFrostbite: If Hannah and Barbara wore super villainess costumes, how well would they look in them?

#hmm hmm.. good question. obviously it’s gonna be matching outfits with a their own set of colour schemes. they’d have masks and capes? haha, something distinct that’ll make them obvious as villains and not heroes. idk hahaha!

maybe something like that? i dont even know where those outfit came from tbh.


I have three weaknesses.
Super Villains, Cute stuff, and unreasonably large hips.
The number of times these three all happen to exist as a single entity is astonishing.

Anywho, heres a couple pictures of Lord Dominator, the cutest and most terrifying super villainess in the galaxy, dancing like there’s no tomorrrow!

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EAH AU Headcanons: Raven (a former super villainess) is mostly adjusting to life as a prisoner in a super villainess prison while trying to fight the urge to return to her villainous ways. A super heroine by the name of Golden Apple, in her civilian identity, is helping Raven's process into bettering her life. Note: I just gave you "what if" headcanons for no big reason, is all.

Like what if Raven was raised to be a villain by her mother? Her mother being the Sorceress, the greatest villain the city has ever seen, and she had Raven help her as a mother/daughter evil duo. 

And what if Golden Apple was a new hero that was charged to carry on with the legacy of the previous city’s heroine, White Snow. No one knows that they’re secretly, the White family the richest and most influential family in the city. White Snow is actually Gwendolyn (Snow) White the CEO of White Enterprises and Golden Apple is none other than Apple White, better known as the White heiress. Apple has all this pressure on her into following her mother’s footsteps including her heroics.

The Sorceress was defeated by White Snow before the heroine “passed on the mantle of the city’s protector” and they put her on trial and locked her up in super villainess prison. (I’m literally thinking of the Young Justice episode, when they go undercover at the Belle Reve Penitentiary). But when Raven was put on trial, the jury believe that she was mostly coerced into committing crimes by her mother, so they decided sent her to a Juvenile Detention Center, since she’s technically a minor. They saw that she never really wanted to be a villain. 

And there’s a program that specializes in helping reform the delinquents in the center and Raven is considered their top priority. But in order to protect her, they don’t reveal her identity as to anyone except the people in that work at the center. And the White family is involved with the program. Apple is working for the program herself and she volunteers to help Raven out, thinking she’s just an average delinquent, she offers to house Raven and to work with her as she’s reintegrated into society. They start spending so much time together that they eventually become friends.

And somewhere along the line, Raven decides that as a reformed villain she wants to become a hero and help defend the city  and fight crime. So she sets of to help the city, but since she was raised as a villain, she don’t really follow “the good guy’s code of ethics” meaning that she sometimes does things that are morally gray. But then that forces Apple to intervene, because there’s rumors that the Sorceress’s partner, The Violet Crow (or maybe The Violet Raven?) is on the loose and that’s she up to no good (’cuz Raven didn’t bother to change her costume, smh). 

So Apple tracks her down as Raven is trying to get some criminal “to talk” (she’s kinda beating the information out of them, tbh) and she’s fully prepared to take her down, but then Raven just kinda smiles at her and she drops the dude and uses her powers to restrain them so they don’t get away. 

And she’s like, “Hey there, I caught this guy trying to break into this one place and I’m trying to get them to tell me who they’re working for.” 

And Apple just like, “What, but aren’t you The Violet Crow, you know the Sorceress’s crime partner?”

And then Raven’s like, “Oh I was, but I’m good now.” And then Apple decides to take Raven under her wing and train her to be a hero and she starts teaching Raven “the good guy’s code of ethics,” something that Raven struggles with from time to time. They then start to become this dynamic superhero duo, and they go around helping the city. 

But then, Raven starts to have dreams and vision where her mother shows up and tells her to break her out. And Raven is struggling to fight her mother’s influence but her mother is constantly calling her back to the dark side. And she’s torn between helping her mother, and having her old life or this new life that she has as a superhero with her new friends and the two people she cares about. 

…..And this turned out super long, but seriously you can’t suggest any story ideas/aus/headcanons (especially with superheroes/villains) without me turning it into something long and a kinda vague plot summary.

Partners in crime

INTJ: “Asshole”
INTP: “Isn’t being an asshole a job requirement for a right hand man to a super villainess?”
INTJ: “Hmm sure. Minimum requirement.”
INTP: “Are you saying I barely made the cut?!”
INTJ: “I had to beg the panel.”
INTP: “YOU actually BEGGED for me? That’s an even sweeter sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me!”
INTJ: “Shut up.”
INTP: “Next you’ll tell me Santa is real and he sent you pics of his candy cane.”
INTJ: “INTP, why are you like this?!”
INTP: “My brain hates me. We used to get along, but somewhere along the line we fell apart.
Like America.

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How would you describe Catwoman's relationship with Wonder Woman?

They don’t really have a relationship to be blunt. They’ve interacted a few times, but not enough to develop what I’d call a relationship. At most they’re acquaintances. 

Back in her Silver Age super villainess days Catwoman and Wonder Woman had a duel each other to the death, but ended up teaming up instead (Wonder Woman (v1) #201-202. 

Recently Catwoman made a couple of guest appearances in Sensation Comics. First Wonder Woman made Catwoman and Harley Quinn fight the other Gotham Rogues with her. 

The next time Catwoman tried to trick Wonder Woman into stealing something for her, and ended up having to buy Wonder Woman coffee, which was hilarious. 

That’s just about it. 

don’t get me wrong the new 52 harley comic isn’t bad and the fact that it’s the highest-selling female-led comic on the market obviously speaks to its popularity but i’m just kind of like. why do we feel the need to make harley into a hero because she is so popular? same with ivy and catwoman tbh. it kind of feels like DC are saying in order for women to be liked they have to be good. but that’s obviously not the case. look at the success of the animated series. it doesn’t happen with the guy villains. joker, two-face, bane. they’re all pretty popular outside of the comics. and they haven’t had their personalities and characterizations chipped away at to make them good guys. after batman begins, there wasn’t an issue where scarecrow was like “i’m sick of scaring people! i’m going to start a gang and fight crime!” like no. because that would wipe away years of characterization for him as a bad guy. and there are so few female villains in the first place. in fact harley and ivy are probably the most well-known super-villainesses outside comics. and to see that slowly being taken away…idk it makes me sad