super tanker

finally made it to silver rank in Overwatch comp!!

@paulnicklen on assignment for #natgeo with @cristinamittermeier and @oren.lawson After two weeks of waiting, this incredible coastal #wolf graced us with her presence. For hours we watched her feed and play in the intertidal zone where shore meets ocean. These wolves live their entire lives near the ocean. We captured this image just two days before #Enbridge #oil got the go ahead from the Canadian Government to run a pipeline from Alberta’s tar sands to the pristine BC coast where over 250 super tankers a year will come and go through these narrow passage ways and treacherous currents. These ships are ten times larger than the Exxon Valdez and one spill will affect every species and person on this coast. Enbridge says that this will create hundreds of jobs. What about the 40,000 tourism and fishing jobs that rely on a healthy coast. Support the #firstnations. While Harper risks Canada’s identity and greatest treasures, Obama is busy trying to protect vast tracts of marine habitat. #nature #britishcolumbia #picoftheday #wildlife #keepitwild #photooftheday #instamood #bestoftheday #instagramhub #photo #tofino by natgeo


New Marvel Release for August 1st, 2016

Exactly one month from now we will see two new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets being released.

Tanker Truck Takedown (76067)

The first is an expansion of the Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) – a central scene in Captain America: Civil War – and is only being released now as it featured a spoiler on Spider-Man’s appearance. Besides him it also features Vision, Hawkeye, and once more Captain America. In my opinion it lacks a minifigure-scaled Ant-Man and a micro-scaled version of the same truck for perfect reenactment of the scene, but other than that it is a perfect set.

Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060)

The second set is from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie that will premier this fall and shows a little scene that besides Benedict Cumberbatch’s titel-character also features Karl Mordo and The Ancient One.

Both are very exiting sets to look forward to.