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Smitten Kitten (Shifter!Stuckony)(Chapter One)

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The elevator to the common area pinged open and the team poured out, all in varying levels of injured, all several steps past pissed off.

“That should have been easy! Instead it was a clusterfuck!!” Natasha fumed, the smoke pouring from her mouth with the words making everyone else uneasy. “What the hell went wrong?”

“Hey honey, why don’t you shift back all the way so you don’t accidentally light my couch on fire like you did last week?” Tony called from his position in Steve’s arms, cradled close to the big blonds chest.

“Tony, just be quiet and let us check you over.” Bucky interjected, and sent a steely eyed glare at Natasha. “Shift down, dragon lady. Steve, put him on the couch.”

Steve set Tony down carefully, ripping his shirt in one easy pull, showing the mess of bruises and cuts that decorated his ribs.

Damn it, Tony.” Clint flew in through the window, still partial shifted in his hawk form, tucking his giant wings behind him. “We told you to stay back. You could have seriously gotten hurt!”

“Oh yeah.” Tony rolled his eyes. “Tell the man in the suit with weapons to stay back and let the animals handle it. That sounds like a great idea.”

“Yeah well, if you would have listened you wouldn’t be all banged up, would you?” Clint pointed out, shifting back entirely into his human form, the wings and golden eyes disappearing. “Tasha, shift down baby, you’re smoking up the room.” He grabbed a blanket for her, and Natasha took a deep breath, the scales on her body rippling and shimmering and disappearing, claws retracting, and within a minute she stood at her usual five-two, green eyes and red hair. It was a far cry from her dragon, and everybody relaxed once she was wrapped in a blanket and headed to the kitchen to make coffee.

“Anything broken?” Steve asked and Bucky felt Tony’s ribs gingerly, mindful of the bruising, his fingers probing gently, blue eyes worried.

“Nothing cracked, just some hard bruising. What were you thinking?” His voice dropped into a growl, his Wolf still close to the surface and Tony swallowed hard, pushing back the wave of want at the sound.

“I didn’t want you guys to get hurt. So I stepped in.”

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In the Moonlight #5

Fandom: Persona 5

Pairing: Akira/Mishima

Warnings: None

Prompt: “Akira having to be super swagger and defend Mishima from some thugs hitting on him maybe”

Note: I’m currently taking prompts for Yusuke/Ann and Akira/Mishima drabbles, so feel free to send me some!

“I know a great ramen place that’s doing a couples special right now. Whaddya say?”

“No thanks,” Mishima curtly responded. While the situation had taken him off guard, as no one other than Akira had ever shown interest in him before—and he still couldn’t wrap his head around that one—he knew better than to believe the person had good intentions. The guy was probably made a bet with his friends that he could get a date with Mishima or something.

When he tried to move past, the student stepped right back into his bath.

“Come on. You’ve got nothing to lose! I’m a handsome guy and a total gentleman.”

Yeah right. Mishima opened his mouth to once again reject, but a familiar voice spoke first.

“There you are, Yuuki.” Akira stopped beside Mishima, standing close enough for their shoulders to brush. Instead of standing with his shoulders slumped as he normally did, Akira stood with his back straight, which easily allowed him to tower a couple inches over the persistent boy.

The upperclassman warily eyed Akira for a moment, probably remembering all the rumors surrounding his being a dangerous criminal. “…we were in the middle of something, so can’t you wait?”

“You were? But I could have sworn I heard you being rejected already.” Akira’s confident, almost impish tone left the upperclassman stunned. Even Mishima glanced up at his boyfriend’s face in surprise, and the sheer challenge in those dark eyes reminded Mishima that Akira was indeed a powerful Phantom Thief.

Placing an arm around Mishima’s shoulders, Akira turned them away from the speechless boy and started leading them away

“Akira?” Mishima prompted.

“…I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous like that before,” Akira mused nonchalantly, as if discussing a change in the weather.

Mishima hadn’t expected Akira’s jealousy either. Hell, he was still in disbelief that it had happened over him. But damn if he hadn’t liked that brazen gleam in Akira’s eyes way too much.

Soulja Boy tell em
Uhhhhh Bitch I look like Goku
Bitch I look like Vegeta
I’m hoppin’ out dat old school
64 Impala, swagged up
Bitch I’m poppin bottles, bag up
Bitch I look like goku,
put up in my old school
Fucking up dat Pro Tools
Super sayian swagger
Bitches on my dick,
because all my albums pla-tin-um
I dont give a fuck because im swagged up to the maximum
Bitch I look like Gohan
Smokin up dat marijuana,
Bitch I’m havin so much fun
Dre, know how the fuck i do it all
Put it up in that Chopper,
I’m bout to wear it all
Got money homie, gucci shirt, louis pants swaggin
Bentley hit me for a pretty ass plan man
Yeah! drop top swaggin like yeah!
Hollerin out Wooo!! like Ric Flair
Swag swag i look like Vince McMahon
Swagin money yeah I look like Peter Pan
Swag Swag I got Death Note swag
Dat anime swag put a ***** in a bag
Bitch I look like Goku
Ridin in my old school
Smokin up the Pro Tools
Back up on the track, DREEEEE!
I don’t give a fuck because I’m breaking up the cerebellum
Back up on the track
I’m the twitter king
I got shit you ain’t ever seen.
Soulja hit em high like kong.
Soulja Soulja Soulja Soulja when I’m broke


I got all I need when I got you and I (Eu tenho tudo que eu preciso quando tenho a você e a mim)

Swagger on super, I can’t shop at no department (Super estilosa, não compro em lojas baratas) 

I can see the end as it begins (Eu posso ver o fim enquanto isso começa) 

Say you’ll remember me (Diga que vai se lembrar de mim) 

You enchant me, even when you’re not around (você me encanta, mesmo quando não está por perto) 

And it’s killing me when you’re away (E ficar longe de você está me matando) 

Where are the plans we made for two? (Onde estão os planos que fizemos para nós dois?)

I can’t stop my heart when you’re shining in my eyes (Não consigo conter meu coração quando você brilha diante dos meus olhos) 

Kiss me hard before you go (Me beije intensamente antes de ir) 

Baby, you’re the best (Amor, você é o melhor) 

I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight (Estou presa no escuro mas você será como minha lanterna) 

There’s nobody for you but me (Não tem ninguém para você, além de mim)

Sometimes we fall down because there is something down there we´re supposed to find. (Às vezes, caímos porque há algo lá embaixo que precisamos encontrar) 

Always be thankful! Life could be worse (Seja sempre grato! A vida poderia ser pior)