super super smash bros

The Year Is 2085

A group of 5,000 people are gathered in a cathedral. They all stand there, muttering amongst themselves, there are many doubts to the validity of the rumors, yet they have gathered nonetheless. A old man in a white robe walks onto the stage in the center of the room, and all falls to silence as everyone in attendance has locked their collective attention to the locked strongbox the man holds in his hands.

The man undoes the locks on the box one at a time, the crowd almost vibrating with excitement, at least five or so pass out. The last lock is undone and the man slowly lifts the lid from the box. He then, ever so carefully, removes its contents. It’s true! The rumors were true! In his hands, the man now is holding the last working Nintendo Gamecube known to exist, two Nintendo Gamecube Controllers, and a copy of Super Smash Bros: Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. Oh joyous day! The crowd  explodes into a near deafening cheer. They then all silence as they hear the squeal of rusty wheel being pushed along the ground. A CRT TV has just been brought in.

Two old men, in their own white robes, are brought to the center stage. These grizzled grey old men, these ancient gods of the sport, are each given a Nintendo Gamecube controller. The crowd is heating up, many of them had never seen what a true champion can do, and this may be the last opportunity to do so, as the ancients do not have much life left in them.

The crowd sits in a stunned silence as the two fuddle around with the controllers, old muscle memory returning from dormancy. It is twenty minutes before they reach the character select screen, when one of them stands up. He sneers at his controller, obviously dissatisfied with it, then drops it too the floor. He then turns his back on the old buzzing screen of the CRT, and proceeds through the shocked masses, leaving the whole thing behind.

Armada has left the building

so with the announcement of metroid prime 4, I bumped this project up to the top of my to do list. I saw this clip from Rick & Morty on yt a long time back and instantly thought of Samus. and the 2 passengers are filled by 2 fellow Switch smash bros. edited for language b/c that’s how I roll. made within 24- hrs. with anime studio pro. 

Send me a video game console

Atari 2600: favorite video game
NES: favorite video game character
Super NES: least favorite video game character
N64: if you could live in any game universe what would you pick and why
GameCube: pc or console
PC: favorite villain
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Xbox: least favorite video game/franchise
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