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Hmm art suggestions well theres always a call for fahc jack in summer like at the beach wearing a cute sundress or something? And a big floppy hat to protect her cute face. Just being super cute and summery in general (its so cold here i might just be projecting my longing for summer to come back but anyways..) idk just an idea who knows if its a good one or not

sorry for generic circle background i didn’t see the beach part;; but anyway it is definitely a great time for sunhat jack

stupid happy love songs: the happiest of pop and indie pop vibes to jam to thoughts of your special someone

summertime - the mowgli’s // we don’t believe what’s on tv - twenty one pilots // final song - mo // our own house - misterwives // seeing stars - borns // starving (feat. zedd) - hailee steinfeld // swooner - the zolas // whatever forever - the mowgli’s // loveless - said the whale

+listen here


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minimalist watercolor treat paintings by fache

nom nom nom, these treats look delectable — they’re watercolor prints of some of my favorite frozen confections, and they get me in a super summery mood.

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Hiya I was just wondering would you be able to post some photos of alexis when she was that super summery blonde w loads of highlights and stuff? 😊 it's just because I'm going to dye my hair back blonde and I'd love to go that colour!! It's ok if you can't, thanks so much if you can though, I really appreciate it 💙 and I loveeee your blog 💙💙 thanks again x

I hope this is the hair you’re thinking of! let me know if its not! xoxo - Keira x

YYH Secret Santa for sinbald

This is so late… SO late… like, this was supposed to be for christmas and it’s been over a month late OTL

anyway, I had a variety of different prompts to choose from and picked “Yusuke being cool” (jk, smoking isn’t cool kids. Say no to drugs)

Thanks for being so patient and I hope this was worth the wait <3

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I am looking for Ideas for redecorating my room and I was wondering if you could post some ideas about what my room could look like and some decorations for my room

Aight so I’ll post some more inspo but here are just some of my suggestions:

-keep it simple; don’t go too crazy with patterns and colors, also just not too much clutter (minimalism is a great way to keep your room looking clean and crisp)

-choose a basic wall color: I would go for a light grey or just white, then if you want more colors you can add them in decorations!

-don’t make it too seasonal: for the longest time I had a super summery room which I liked but in fall and winter I wanted to change it up and couldn’t. Stick to things that can easily be switched out like pillows for seasonal decor.

-get lots of things to organize drawers and your closet, maybe even under your bed so it’s easier to keep your room looking nice.

-add some cacti/ succulents to add some color and life to your room. (I love doing this)

- firefly/ fairly lights are soooo cute and add so much so just find some cute ones on amazon (rather than at urban outfitters bc theirs are insanely expensive)

- going along with costs you don’t have to get everything from places like urban outfitters, do some searching online (amazon has a lot of room decor surprisingly) or even better yet you can DIY OR REPURPOSE a bunch of things to add your own touch.

-Have a little display of photos on your wall because they make your room personal and remind you of memories!

-add comfy blankets and pillows to add a very cozy vibe

-keep it practical and make sure you still have space for storage otherwise you’ll regret it later

AND that’s all I have for now haha kinda a lot but hopefully it helps just feel free to ask me for anything else!! Good luck!

Super cute summery nails🌊 (yes I know summers basically over but we can pretend it’s not c; )

( ░░ ❀ okay but forreal if someone is down to do a super summery 1x1 where these two muses meet at the beach where one’s on this summer long vaca and the other’s a local and they can’t keep their eyes off of each other until one gets the courage to say hey. and there’s a ton of late night swims and learning how to surf and “try this kind of ice cream” and “i have keys to the lifeguard’s jeep, c’mon” and early morning runs which totally include “i’ll race you”. but they also have this rlly amazing sexual chemistry and spend their nights together like dgd !!! and meeting old exes unexpectedly and the local’s/vacationer’s secrets coming out over smth idk. oMF the angST OF having to go home after the summer ( or nah ??? ) and arguing over it and maybe one’s like “let’s not even put a label on this” but at the same time “don’t you fucking talk to my person like that!” to a flirtatious stranger like PLEASE I BEG OF U ALL I NEED IS THIS)


I’m feeling super summery today! The sun is shining and being able to practice with the doors open feels so fresh. Even the dog is awake for a change! 🐶 Happy Sunday! #yoga
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quality summer headcanons feat. les amis wearing crop tops

  • Enjolras got his at a rally; he thought he’s brought a tshirt, but Courfeyrac pointed out it’s a crop top. “Even better,” Enjolras says. He wears it a lot. He likes the slogan, and the fact that it shows his (beautiful, tanned, toned,) stomach brings even more attention.
  • Courfeyrac has more than one. More than a few, actually…
  • Combeferre definitely wears his with overalls.
  • Bahorel is pissed because he should have the ‘sexy farmer’ look, it’s not fair, so he finds another look and just wears his bright red top with a leather jacket. also his bellybutton is pierced when did that happen.
  • Prouvaire is just 100% into the hippie look with a knit crop trop and flowy, colourful pants.
  • Feuilly’s was a tshirt that ended up with a paint stain after only two times wearing it? so trying to reuse it, because throwing it away would just be a waste, he cut the bottom but the stain was higher up than he thought, ah. still comfortable, though.
  • Joly’s also a tshirt he’s had for a while, only it got too small for him after an incident. he still wears it though, there are palm trees and toucans on on it and it’s super summery and bright.
  • Bossuet’s laundry machine (well, Joly’s, see the previous incident) and all of his tshirts ended up too short. Oh well!
  • Grantaire’s shows his hairy tummy and arms and his soft stomach and he looks fantastic, okay.