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YYH Secret Santa for sinbald

This is so late… SO late… like, this was supposed to be for christmas and it’s been over a month late OTL

anyway, I had a variety of different prompts to choose from and picked “Yusuke being cool” (jk, smoking isn’t cool kids. Say no to drugs)

Thanks for being so patient and I hope this was worth the wait <3

( ░░ ❀ okay but forreal if someone is down to do a super summery 1x1 where these two muses meet at the beach where one’s on this summer long vaca and the other’s a local and they can’t keep their eyes off of each other until one gets the courage to say hey. and there’s a ton of late night swims and learning how to surf and “try this kind of ice cream” and “i have keys to the lifeguard’s jeep, c’mon” and early morning runs which totally include “i’ll race you”. but they also have this rlly amazing sexual chemistry and spend their nights together like dgd !!! and meeting old exes unexpectedly and the local’s/vacationer’s secrets coming out over smth idk. oMF the angST OF having to go home after the summer ( or nah ??? ) and arguing over it and maybe one’s like “let’s not even put a label on this” but at the same time “don’t you fucking talk to my person like that!” to a flirtatious stranger like PLEASE I BEG OF U ALL I NEED IS THIS)

Super cute summery nails🌊 (yes I know summers basically over but we can pretend it’s not c; )


I’m feeling super summery today! The sun is shining and being able to practice with the doors open feels so fresh. Even the dog is awake for a change! 🐶 Happy Sunday! #yoga
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