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A small preview of my piece for the sweet and happy Seijoh fanzine “Sundance!” 🌻🌱🌻🌱🌻 - @hqseijouzine

Pre-orders open tomorrow, November 20th! Look forward to it!!  ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨


tsuna: DAD!!
iemitsu: ?
iemitsu: !!! TUNA FISH
tsuna: *running up to him with a grin*
tsuna: *ducks under iemitsu’s arm*
tsuna: *gives him the most ‘GET WREKT’ face ever as he sails by. ‘i don’t give a fuck’ by big sean plays in the background.*
tsuna: *barrels into reborn who is behind iemitsu instead*
tsuna: daaaaadddd
reborn, on the ground, being crushed: tsuna i’m Dying
iemitsu, in tears: but I’M dad….

rip reborn , we knew ye well

the reason tsuna even manages to tackle reborn is that every time tsuna yells ‘DAD’ at him, reborn basically reacts like ‘[IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE! reborn is STUNNED!!]’ leaving him wide open.

like, I get that the exclusivity was an issue for Baz, but the fact that he made a show centered around queer, black, and latinx people, that was super high quality, visually stunning, well written, and heartfelt, and then Netflix put out no ads and didn’t even put it on the banner of their site the day part two came out is too fucking much to be brushed off. Baz is going to go back to making his straight white romance movies, Netflix is going to go back to jerking themselves off to their plentitude of shitty straight white series, and a show that was nothing but the best it could be is cancelled after one season. don’t tell me that means nothing