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I am determined to participate in all of the Random Strain Powers Days and their mission to ruin Fushimi's day (Here's to the third one! :D) Strain-that-gives-people-clones-of-themselves. The catch is that each clone is a different side of the target. So if Fushimi gets hit we have a Mopey!Fushimi, Overworked!Fushimi, Grumpy!Fushimi and for some angst potential Self-Deprecating!Fushimi who says his monologue of self-hatred aloud. S4 and Yata's resction?

Oh man, imagine Fushimi gets hit and suddenly there’s this small crowd of Fushimis where before there was only one. Most of the Fushimis are some form of bad-tempered and they all dislike each other (except for Happy!Fushimi, who is the weirdest Fushimi and most of the alphabet squad is shocked to discover that this Fushimi even exists). Angry!Fushimi keeps threatening to throw knives at everyone, Grumpy!Fushimi sits down in the street complaining about how loud everyone is, Overworked!Fushimi has fallen asleep on his feet and of course there’s Self-Loathing!Fushimi with his running monologue of self-hatred which blends in and out with Irritated!Fushimi’s running monologue of all the things he hates. Insecure!Fushimi keeps looking at everyone suspiciously, like Hidaka tries to round up the Fushimis by telling them that Scepter 4 just wants to keep an eye on all of them so they don’t get hurt and Insecure!Fushimi immediately starts grilling him about it because why would they want to keep the Fushimis safe, why do they even care about Fushimi in the first place. Meanwhile Doumyoji has run afoul of Angry!Fushimi and has been pinned to the wall by hundreds of knives. Akiyama is carefully luring Overworked!Fushimi into a van with the promise of tasty coffee. Someone eventually realizes that they are missing a Fushimi, turns out Asshole!Fushimi spotted Yata skateboarding by and went to have some fun. The alphabet squad tries to intervene in the fight and Yata’s like what the hell are you Blues doing here, all confused because usually they don’t butt in Fushimi’s fights. Except while the alphabet boys were distracted all the Fushimis escaped so that’s when they all come wandering by like the world’s grumpiest herd of buffalo. Yata’s pretty much like what the actual fuck, which is when every single Fushimi turns as one and says in unison “Misaki.” Yata is extra creeped out. Then the handful of positive emotion Fushimis all come forward to hug him and cling to him and want his attention while all the negative emotion Fushimis just glare at him. It is one of the weirdest moments of Yata’s life and when you consider how many times he’s run into Fushimi while Fushimi was under the influence of weird Strain powers that’s saying something.