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Me: The Neverending Story and The Last Unicorn are both wonderful books that could definitely withstand a live action movie remake. CG has come so much further and they could change around a lot of the script to keep things fresh and also make the new movies more like the books. And, in the case of The Last Unicorn, they could still get Christopher Lee and Angela Lansbury to reprise their old roles, which would be an awesome headnod to the original.

Hollywood: Here is the 500th reincarnation of Spiderman, and also we are remaking every single Disney movie ever made in live action now, including all the straight to dvd ones because why not. 

Me: *the longest sigh*


Mera (new 52) Tonner Doll

This is Mera with her outfit from the New 52 comics. Limited to 300. She is a great character and a beautiful doll. I’m so excited that Amber Heard was cast to play her in the Justice League and Aquaman movie 😁 She is going to be amazing!




  • What she says: I'm Fine
  • What she means: Why would The 5th Wave movie completely take away all of the dynamic Ben Parish had? His motivation he received when he left his sister? Defending & protecting Sammy? Making and completing a difficult plan to fulfill his promise to Sammy? Being a successful squad leader despite the pressure? Overcoming the label of "weak and runner" to become the strongest leader and protector in the novel? Why demote such a character to 'the boy Cassie had a crush on in high-school'?
Snape Appreciation Month: Day #1 - General Snape Love

One of the reasons to love Severus Snape is pretty simple, on the whole. He is a good teacher (stay away, haters, I’m not talking about his class behaviour here - it’s in a more metaphorical sense), just not in the way most people realise, because his true lessons are about life. You can also learn from his mistakes, instead of making them on your own. This is what Severus Snape taught me:

#1 Life is not fair.

Repeated over and over again, to the point where there is no single person that hasn’t heard about it (or so I believe). It’s easy to go on a self-pity trip, it really is. What always keeps me in check is that quiet voice, drawling into my ear, “life is not fair, Ms. J.” Funny, you know, how it helps to realise that the whole world is not out to get me, and that there may be people who have it worse than me, so I’ve learnt to appreciate what I have. I still have it better than Severus ever did.

#2 Not everyone has to look like Mister/Miss Universum.

It’s actually refreshing to see a fictional character who doesn’t look like super handsome/pretty movies stars or models and it’s really cool when your favourite character is like that. Instead of feeling inadequate (because everyone must be pretty and prefect in fiction and real life), you (general you) may feel reassured that’s not the point. (Really, one of the things I love about Severus is his physical appearance. I also feel sorry for him because of his hair, because mine tends to look stringy shortly after washing if it’s longer. Plus, long or big or hooked noses are cool.)

#3 People go through a lot during their lives and some of them don’t turn out that well in the end.

If anything, Severus Snape, unlike what others try to push on me, taught me that in fact everyone struggles, some people just manage better than others. Getting over trauma is not about choice, but about support. And once again he made me appreciate what I have had and where I am now. He’s also opened my eyes to people who haven’t been as lucky as I am. And no, I don’t agree with every single thing that Severus does. Why would I? So, please, excuse me that I find the comfort in existence of a fictional character that didn’t turn out an angel in the end, but remained more human. I can see him struggle at times and this is something I can relate to.

#4 People aren’t just good or bad; they all are somewhere in-between.

Actually it’s kind of laughable to insist that everything is good or bad and nothing in-between, because humans tend be both at once. They are 100% capable of being cruel to some people and deeply caring of others. And Severus Snape is just like that. Neither do the good things erase the bad things he did, nor do the bad things erase the good things he did. (His reasons do not excuse his actions.) He’s just a complicated mix of things where some of his traits contradicts the others. He is a human. Plain and simple. If you don’t believe me that the world works like that, look around. Feel free to find me that one angel who’s never done anything wrong in their life.

#5 “Sometimes costs are made to be borne.”

You know, this one is Severus Snape’s actually, not mine. The hardest lesson in life to learn is that some decisions come with a high price. And sometimes you have to sacrifice something precious to you for the sake of achieving something better and bigger for somebody else. It’s really sad that so many readers can’t see that Severus Snape could have backed off Dumbledore’s plan and save himself. And yet he didn’t. He kept it up to the end, ultimately sacrificing himself. The very main reason why Harry calls him brave.

#6 What people say and what people do are two completely different things. 

It’s a curious thing that the very same people who insist that Severus Snape wanted to give Sirius to Dementors and didn’t care about the fact he was innocent, ignore the fact that Severus didn’t do that when he had a chance (not to mention he had no means to know about Sirius innocence at that time, but I digrees). Instead Severus collected the unconscious man, and even conjured a stretcher for him, and took him back to the castle where Sirius was safe from Dementors. Intentionally or not, he actually aided Sirius in his escape. If you dig deeper, I’m pretty sure there are more events like this in the books. No need to be a genius to see that happen in real life as well. Unless you close your eyes, that’s it.


#7 “Control your emotions.”

Severus’ again. Lose your head and you’ll lose everything. I think that Severus Snape knows the best how true the statement is, even though he doesn’t always manage to follow his own advice.

#8 No matter what you do, people will still find reasons to hate you.

Like you know, Severus Snape spent years spying for the Order and risking his life in the process and even turned himself into a villain for the sake of Dumbledore’s plan, but apparently all of these things make him selfish… okay… So, be yourself and make sure you won’t be ashamed of choices you’ve made, because people will find something to pick on anyway.

Well, I hope it’s general enough.


[ATTACK] Venus Love-Me Chain.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ヴィーナス・ラブ・ミー・チェーン
Romaji: Viinasu Rabu Mii Cheen

User: Sailor Venus
Item required: None
First appearance: Episode 65
Last appearance: Episode 171


  • An actual chain was needed to perform this in most other adaptations of the manga. However, the object was absent from this version.
  • Venus Love-Me Chain was the only new power-up attack from R that was used beyond SuperS.
  • While disguised as Sailor Moon in episode 102, Sailor Venus called this maneuver Certain Kill Love-Me Moon Chain (必殺ラブミー・ムーン・チェーン; Hissatsu Rabu Mii Muun Cheen).

They were like Romeo and Juliet,
fated to fall in love.
Or maybe,
they were just fated to fall.

- the way star-crossed lovers always do. (k.b.)

i found an old vhs tape of “oh brother whereart thou” in our house and i was super excited so i hooked up our old vcr and watched it and oh boy

oh boy, i completely forgot how fuzzy vhs tapes are. 

i was in another realm