super special kiss and cry times

SHINee as dads

• would try his hardest not to spoils his kids rotten
• but fails bc no matter if they’re a boy or a girl, they’d be daddy’s baby and all he wants is to buy them things and make them happy
• super protective and always wants to know where they’re going at all times, esp when they’re younger
• gets jealous when they give you more affection than him, will pout until you laugh at him and kiss him
• buys like a 100 story books and always has one ready at hand to read for them, even when he’s away

• most likely cry when you’re giving birth and refuses to hand the baby over until you comfort him and cry along
• WILL NOT hesitate to spoil his kids, and already bought them gifts for every holiday and special occasion
• takes the whole family to the best trips and takes sooo many pictures of you and his babies
• refuses to sleep without them, esp when they’re just a few months old. He’ll put them between you two and snuggle you both until you all fall asleep
• they’d run to him whenever they’re sad bc they know he’s so understanding and will try his best to make them feel better

• buys their whole closet and accessories, he wants his kid to be the best looking/best dressed ALWAYS
• you’d always find him holding your baby in his arms and talking gibberish, and it’s the cutest thing ever bc he doesn’t even realize he’s speaking nonsense
• only lets his kids hang out with uncle taemin if they promise not to steal his cash
•  their room would look hella nice and he’d buy them the best sheets and hang the coolest lights on the ceiling
• always looks like he knows what he’s doing, but secretly is always looking to you for what to do

• is a deer in the headlights and takes him a while to adjust to the lifestyle of being a dad
• cries whenever he needs to leave with the rest of the guys, and schedules a time for you to Skype with the kids
• will cry with your kid on their first day of school, and refuses to leave their side until they know he’s only a phone call away (won’t even leave the parking lot tbh)
• doesn’t spoil them unlike some of the other members, and he’d put them in their place if they ever disrespected either of you (and apologize like 2 min after with candy)
• blushes like crazy whenever they say they love him and kiss his cheek, he feels like his heart is going to burst

• is a mess, and everyone knows it. You’d both have to be patient with each other and slowly fall into step when becoming parents
• struggles to even keep his clothes on, his wallet is somehow always missing, and he has ice cream all over his hair
• smiles at you whenever they run up to him and cover his face with kisses
• becomes your kids’ friend more than their father, and is known by everyone as the cool dad lmao
• depends on you as much as you depend on him, and eventually you’d become great parents bc he’s not the type to give up, esp when it comes to his family

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Ok, I’m not really proud of my face in this photo, but that was one of the greatest fangirl moment of my life, so I couldn’t do anything to have - you know - a more interesting face. You can’t say everyday - if you live in Narnia like me - “Oh my Chuck, I’m in the middle of my f****ng ship”.

Specially after all that queer baiting stuff, I was really nervous about this photo, but I’m proud to say that I had the boldness to ask them to pretend to kiss my cheeks. Misha laughed, maaaybe because he knew that this pose could have been perfect for fanservice, thanks to the power of photoshop! They were super kind, sometimes I wish I could turn back time to find other words to thank them.
I’ll always remember what happened next: I walked through the door after greeting them and suddendly the emotions became too much, soooo I started to cry. Not a cry-like-a-baby, I’ve (some) dignity…! There were tears of pure joy on my face, and I couldn’t do anything to stop them. And then a girl - a completely stranger - ran next to me and hugged me, even before my best friend. That was an incredible moment because I really needed to share my feelings with someone, and she was there and she understood my happiness.

It’s amazing when you have evidence that someone shares your emotions, that you’re not alone with your passions, even if sometimes it seems so pointless.