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Pretty much Tiffany and Taeyeon's conversation when she called
  • Tiffany: It's Taeyeon!
  • Taeyeon: are you wearing pants
  • Taeyeon: your legs are nice
  • Taeyeon: you're so nervous I can tell in the way you laugh
  • Taeyeon: your face is cute but what you're wearing is sexy

So today we will take a look at the queen of airport fashion and the fashion icon herself,Jessica Jung.Before I start with this long post I have to say that I’m a huge fan of her and that I love her with all my heart. I am so excited and I hope she will have a huge success with her debut album because she truly deserves it.So enough of that lets take a look at her outfits.Jessica is like her sister very, very fashionable.She turns the airport into a runway show.Although she doesn’t wear bright colours and crazy combos of clothe pieces she definitely gets attention for her style. She keeps it classy yet very stylish and beautiful.The first picture is my favourite outfit of hers.The dress is just to die for and combined with the boots she instantly stole my heart.Jeans are also a must have.Some people wear jeans that don’t suit their outfits but Jessica combines them perfectly. Another thing that she is really good at picking are her purses.Most of the time they’re small but colourful.Her purses are giving always a splash of colour to her outfit.You can already tell that she has an amazing scenes for fashion and that she indeed is a fashion designer/icon.All of her lines,no matter sunglasses ,jeans or whatever,are to die for.She was always criticised for being to plain or that her fashion lines are boring but the simple look is an art itself and she totally knows how to rock it.She is been trough so much and seeing her as the woman she is just makes me happy and proud.

SM Town Halloween ?More like SM Town the cosplay… I mean take a look: 

External image

Key:Edward Scissorhands

Minho: Detective Conan

Jonghyun: Colossal Titan

Onew:  Frankenstein

Taemin:  Marilyn Manson. 

And do you recognize the irony? Jonghyun , the shortest member cosplayed Titan when Minho, the tallest one, became Conan… Oh, the irony…

AND HEECHUL AS ANNA BROUGHT YOU TO SHAME (btw, Sooyoung is such a cute Olaf) 

Chanyeol as Joker and Baek as vampire. Yeokshi Chanyeol, he’s joker. 

Taeyon as Jack Skellington, and Tiffany as Alice in Wonderland: 

That Avatar, is that you , Luna ? 

External image

Yoona as Snow White, and Seohyun as a vampire : (NOW THIS IS HALLOWEEN! XD) 

Another vampire, Tao! XD 

External image


External image


External image

YOGURT VENDOR AHJUMMAS. I’M SO DONE WITH YOU TROLL. (FYI that little red riding hood is Lee Yeon Hee) ..

Last but not least, I’m grateful I didn’t see Shim Changmin as Tsukiyama Shuu there. I’ve had enough with Jaejoong as vampire! XD