super sooyoung

Pretty much Tiffany and Taeyeon's conversation when she called
  • Tiffany: It's Taeyeon!
  • Taeyeon: are you wearing pants
  • Taeyeon: your legs are nice
  • Taeyeon: you're so nervous I can tell in the way you laugh
  • Taeyeon: your face is cute but what you're wearing is sexy

#9YearsWithSNSD (x)

I never been so proud of my girls. You guys have been together for so long. It’s actually more than 9 years. We made so many beautiful memories together. Of course, they were ups and down. And there were 9 Princess and now, there are 9 freaking Queen.Thank you for giving us a lot love especially from your beautiful song, dramas, movies, musicals, dj-ing, well just everything.

Thank you for being SNSD ♥

Let’s go for more years together. 

has anyone ever seen some of sm groups’ pages on itunes because wowww look at them

and of course

oh righhhht

and then there is

hell yeah, those ten dudes in one profile picture :))))))))