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What wocky said is really a thing. In Super Sonic Warriors 2, there's a what-if scenario where Broly crash lands on Earth and loses his memory, though he does remember his name. First person he meets? Hercule, who makes him his disciple. They enter a tag team tournament, where the Z fighters recognize him, and then Broly sees Goku, and regains his memories, and goes LSSJ to try and slaughter him, though Hercule manages to talk him down, and Broly ends up living on Earth peacefully with everyone.

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The Super Sonic Warrior returns in “Genesis of a Hero” Part Three: The 25th anniversary celebration continues with another blast to the past! Which is also to the future, and the past, and back again! When Sonic goes to see the annual return of Little Planet, he’s surprised to find it chained to a mountain! Join us for the exciting adventures of Sonic CD! Featuring cover art by the legendary Patrick Spaziante plus a “Cosmic Eternity” variant by Mr. Sonic comics himself, Tracy Yardley!
Script: Ian Flynn

Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata & John Workman

Cover: Patrick Spaziante

Variant Cover: Tracy Yardley

On Sale Date: 12/28

32-page, full color comic

$3.99 U.S.

Our E3 Predictions!

You wanted it, you called for it, and now the day is FINALLY here. Hardly even 24 Hours before E3 gets revved up and ready, we think it may be time to show you guys some of the ChallengerApproaching team’s predictions for the upcoming Nintendo news storm!

Now we’d just like to make sure you guys know that everything in this post is a big guess. We’re just calling out what the world’s been asking for, what we expect, and what we personally would also really like to see. With that out of the way, allow us to share a couple of thoughts we’ve had for what we may see during Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014!

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You’ve probably seen this or this by now and if you haven’t you’re probably lucky. Actually nah they’re the best things I’ve ever made go watch them now.

I plan on making more from here on out, but I can’t just do it alone. My vocal range is pretty wide, being able to go from Edgy Hedgies to Wacky Narrators. However, I can’t voice every single character. I already have characters sounding like each other whom shouldn’t sound like each other, and if I do the same screechy bad feminine voice impression for every female character, the joke would get old fast. That’s where this post comes in; I need voice actors. List of currently need characters for “Chaptar 2″ and “Chaptar 3″, criteria, and how to apply under the cut.

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