super sonic transport

some random superheroes I thought up of while in the shower

  1. Lie Detector: can always tell when a person is lying 
  2. Honey Bee: can communicate with bees 
  3. Caffeine Girl: can shoot coffee out of her hands 
  4. Flower Power: can turn anything into flowers
  5. Pancake: can flatten themselves out like a pancake  (like not stretch themselves but make themselve super flat like they were made out of paper)
  6. Angel Hair: Hair grows instant back to the same length as soon as it’s cut. It is also edible and contains a lot nutrients and super healing powers 
  7. Walkie-Talkie: hand acts a walkie-talkie and communicate with others peoples phones 
  8. Tigers Eye: can shapeshift into a tiger
  9. Scrapbook: can download someone’s memories from the past 5 months by a single touch 
  10. Summoner: can summon objects from far away. (this would be great if you left your homework at home) 
  11. Fool’s Gold: Can random objects into cash but after 5 hours it turns back into its original form 
  12. Touch Me Not: Their body is full of poison and any contact with their saliva, blood, sweat, or other bodily fluids can kill
  13. Glow:  can glow in the dark but only if they were out in the light for a good bit
  14. Kiss and Tell: A single kiss from them and they can control you up to 24 hours 
  15. Soother: one bite from them can numb your whole body up to 5 hours
  16. Gardener: The flowers they grow can hold prophecies of the future 
  17. Sniffle: has super sonic sneezes 
  18. Coral: can transport their mind to any fish a control it 
  19. Lucid Dreamer: when asleep their spirit can leave their body and act like a ghost but if their physical body is harmed in any way during this they are instantly pulled back into their body.
  20. Shooting Star: Hit by one of their arrows and you start to hallucinate your dream world