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Finally got to continuing this series and altered some of the older ones. Going to culminate in a large image with all the characters featured in the posters. Hope you all enjoy! :D


I just finished my Super Smash Bros piece. I really like how Marth has changed through time, and I really like the design they used for SSB wiiU. Also Blue and Green are my favorite colors. I need to practice my fundamentals again, more muscles practice! 

all dem smash bruddahs.

yes it’s everyone. Plus cut characters and alts. The miis are Sakurai, Reggie, and Iwata. I’m never drawing 80 characters in one image ever again _(:3 」∠)_

Things to Look Forward to in 2017

Happy 2017! While this week’s comic may come across as a tad cynical, I actually am looking forward to what this year has in store. And no, I’m not joking about the Mario/Rabbids crossover RPG. As of now, it exists as a rumor, but stranger things have happened.

And now comes an announcement that I haven’t exactly been looking forward to. It’s something I have thought about for a while, and it is that Omega Mode will be ending later this year.

Not just yet, though. We’ve still got plenty of comics to go before the end.