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The Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo’s lesser known systems. In short, it was a gaming system that released right before the N64 did. It is similar to a virtual reality head set. The only color it could produce onscreen was red. It was created by the same person that invented the Gameboy, Yokoi Gunpey. There are very few games for it and even fewer that are worth playing.

Part of the problem in the design of the Virtual Boy is that it had to played while hunched over at a table making it awkward and uncomfortable to play. Tighe Lory decided to do something about that. He custom built, and wired his own Virtual Boy arcade cabinet! It has the head unit on an adjustable fixture and has replaced the controller with buttons that you’d expect on an arcade cabinet. Over all it looks very well built and more convenient to play.


This design here is what made me decide to start releasing these as wallpapers, because a poster of the whole cast wasn’t doing her justice. She took a full two and a half weeks all on her own, compared to someone like Luigi who takes twenty minutes. I faithfully remade all of her six different bangle designs, and it took forever just to do a portion of the fanciness on her shoe or thigh. I learned a lot about shape control working on those designs, so I’m glad I took up her challenge.

Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]

I need to get back to playing fire emblem again soon, Fire Emblem Heroes just came out so i should play that soon
Thanks again to @finalsmashcomic for drawing and letting me dub this comic, its been a while since i last voiced marth, had to rerecord because the first recording didnt sound too good 7u7


What If Snake Was In Smash 4

A video by Charriii5

Snake codecs with all the new characters of smash 4. :)

It makes me want Snake in a lot more.


Shulk being in Smash Bros. got me to actually play his game, after years of only listening to his sound track, and I loved it so much that I stopped playing because otherwise an entire day would mysteriously pass…

But what is up with his outfit, those knee guards (?!) make negative sense when drawn in any other art style than his source game. Incidentally, I noticed that he’s buffer in Xenoblade when nude than he is in Smash Bros. I wonder why they toned him down.

No Place Like Home [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
No Place Like Home [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]

Luigi’s body was not Reggie ;D 
Another dub of a comic drawn by @finalsmashcomic, Thanks again for letting me dub your comics
Once i got home from college i began to mess around with the Italian accent, experimenting with it since i haven’t really done it before, eventually i ended up deciding to dub this comic based on that xD

Luigi: @KujiraShonen

Artist: @Finalsmashcomic