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In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Goombella mentions having shoes. Since her sprite uses the same graphics for her feet as all the other Goombas in the game (with only a color change applied), this seems to imply that all Goombas are in fact wearing shoes. However, in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Goombella’s trophy shows a new design for her that adds soles to her feet, differentiating them from other Goombas and making them look more like shoes. While this design decision was most likely a coincidence, there is a chance that it could have been an attempt to clear up the above quote.

jdb1984  asked:

I noticed that the article you linked didn't mention Bubbles, the protagonist of Clu-Clu Land, who is also revealed to be a girl (though most wouldn't know it unless they got her trophy in Super Smash Bros Melee, even though she is referred to as female in the manual).

Oh interesting, good catch!


More pngs. Stop me if I’ve shared some of these before.

I kinda bullshitted with the MGS2 ration’s texture since I could never get a good look of it, so nearly all the text there’s just a direct reading of that rapping rhino Froot Loops commercial that Whelt made youtube poops of way back when. Not that you can tell given how small the png is, but hey.

Also I’d like to thank chaofanatic for providing the smash bros ice block model.