super smash bros melee though

strictly competitive players who complain about smash 4 just because it isnt ssb melee

casual players who unwrightfully criticize ssb melee for no reason other than to piss of fans of the game

people who choose to whine about video games on the internet instead of just playing them in their own way without making anyone feel bad about the way that they choose to play them

twilight princess didn’t gain much from an hd remake

y’know what would though?

super smash bros melee for the nintendo gamecube


So, I play alot of Project M, and decided to look for some Alts I can add in that don’t look like ASS.    FIgured I’d find some people would like to use, since I go to local and regionals.  

Fox is the most played of Melee, so it wasn’t hard to find good ones.  For some reason this inspired me to make them custom character slot art too. 

I don’t even play Fox, and it looks kinda weird when he’s the only one with 2d art cards.  I’ll probably do more anyways. Didn’t take long and its a good way to get posing practice in while being productive. (It’s not even slightly productive though.)