super smash bros for nintendo 3ds and wii u


In 1997 Nintendo developed an attachment for the NES that was capable or KNITTING SWEATERS!

The user could make their own designs on the NES and then have the attachment knit the entire sweater within a few hours.

Nintendo pitched the idea to Toys R Us who decided not to buy into it. A prototype was displayed in the 1987 Winter Consumer Electronics Show to gauge retailer demand.
It’s believed the there were only ever two prototypes made but it’s unknown if they were destroyed or might still be out there somewhere.


The Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo’s lesser known systems. In short, it was a gaming system that released right before the N64 did. It is similar to a virtual reality head set. The only color it could produce onscreen was red. It was created by the same person that invented the Gameboy, Yokoi Gunpey. There are very few games for it and even fewer that are worth playing.

Part of the problem in the design of the Virtual Boy is that it had to played while hunched over at a table making it awkward and uncomfortable to play. Tighe Lory decided to do something about that. He custom built, and wired his own Virtual Boy arcade cabinet! It has the head unit on an adjustable fixture and has replaced the controller with buttons that you’d expect on an arcade cabinet. Over all it looks very well built and more convenient to play.

No Place Like Home [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
No Place Like Home [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]

Luigi’s body was not Reggie ;D 
Another dub of a comic drawn by @finalsmashcomic, Thanks again for letting me dub your comics
Once i got home from college i began to mess around with the Italian accent, experimenting with it since i haven’t really done it before, eventually i ended up deciding to dub this comic based on that xD

Luigi: @KujiraShonen

Artist: @Finalsmashcomic

The Tactician and the Princess

I realize that I take some creative liberties with the relationships between these characters, but the friendship between Robin and Lucina has always been one of my favorite parts of the comic. Even though there are various realities and versions of themselves, they just know that they like being around one another.

Some of you have voiced your liking toward this friendship as well, and it’s good to know that it’s been able to resonate with you. A friendship that can transcend numerous realities is the best kind.