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Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
  • Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
  • KujiraShonen

I need to get back to playing fire emblem again soon, Fire Emblem Heroes just came out so i should play that soon
Thanks again to @finalsmashcomic for drawing and letting me dub this comic, its been a while since i last voiced marth, had to rerecord because the first recording didnt sound too good 7u7

A doodle I did while waiting for my friends to pick me up to go play Smash. 

I haven’t been able to draw in a while, so I apologize for the lack of content. Hope this can make up for my absence! I should be right on schedule starting Monday!

Each house's favourite: Super Smash Bros Brawl character
  • Gryffindor: Ike – hand me that flaming sword !!! GRAND ETHEEEER
  • Hufflepuff: Pit – cute angel and also deadly and also fly fly motherfuckers
  • Ravenclaw: Snake – strategic players above all + most irritating opponents e v e r
  • Slytherin: Dark Zelda – she looks like a badass Narcissa in a medieval gown