super smash bros


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not dead yo, just out in parties.

(and actually self loathing a lot because my own drawing skills and perfectionist attitude)

BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT, the point is, i’m always cooking new things for you guys.

This drawing here, however, was inspired by two things: the Skullgirls N.M.O. Arena theme (i’ve been picking up skullgirls again) and the little funfact that Peach -of all mario characters- was originally intended to be the extra boxer in the remake of Punch-out wii (but wasn’t included because…you know…battle damage, DK was a more acceptable punching bag), so the idea of peach being able to duke it out with the best in the ring amuses me so.

So i got to work and this piece came out, i hope you all enjoy it in its colorful glory, because lemme tell you, this one was BIG.

Oh, by the by, the banners in the backgrounds? HAVE AT THEE.

Yes, i even spent some quality time with these lovely background thingies, I’m a man of detail don’t you know?


Click here for part 1

So, I have a very small apartment and my living room is also my bedroom. My cockatiel Roy sleeps in the same room as I do. Every now and then, something would fall over in my room in the middle of the night. When that happens, it scares the living SHIT out of Roy. I have to get up, turn the lights on and show him he’s save before he stops freaking out. X’D


4 of Cups // Mother Brain:
6 of Cups // Ghosts:
7 of Cups // Skull Kid:
10 of Cups // Zekrom/Reshiran:

Sorry about not uploading anything recently. I only started drawing again a couple days ago. I had a badly sprained wrist but its almost back to normal.


recently my friend @freshillaman and I was talking about our art , and he said that he was drawing a re draw of one of his pictures , this inspired me to try n draw Rosalina from Mario Galaxy

I put in constellations in her eyes

I really like how the hair turned out to

hope you guys like it