super smash bro.s

 Mama Akane w/ dem smash babies trying to
 do just a simple yoga exercise. Everyone doing
 a great job–
Kirby can’t even fucking reach his head & he happy af]


did a doodle of Mega man , I tried experimenting with thick line art as well as coloured line art too. It was fun and overall I had a great time considering what colours would be appropriate to use for the line art.

The background was inspired by the boss introduction in mega man 2.

hope you guys like it.

Mama Akane & her Smash Babiess

 *Please read this before reblogging. The woman in the photo is my
  original character. Please either tag her as Akane, oc, or do not tag
  her at all. Thank you! ***

[ Finally finished! Akane with her smash kids! I LOVE drawing all of them
  together it makes my heart melt because you can see the smile on Akane’s
  face. They just bring her so much joy & memories of her with the orphan children
  from back then. Plus makes her more moved to have a child of her own u w u .
  These boys… blessings all arounddd . No.1 mom here. Enjoy! Art / Akane © @aakane Ness / Lucas / Villager / Kirby / Toon link © Nintendo ♡ ]