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People don’t give the guy enough credit!

Quiet and super nice, but not a complete pushover; awesome cook, and not just at pancakes, although those are my favorite; may seem dorky on the outside but is a total bamf and kicks ass at competitive sports, especially hockey; loves animals, super smart, can probably lift a full-grown moose with his bare hands and is one himself LOL, AND he has one of the best bitchfaces I’ve ever seen. He’s probably one of the least annoying people I know, which is a bonus, kesese!

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What bird do you think needs more love?

Corvids! I mean, they get plenty of love in the bird-sphere, but most people just don’t understand the amazingness behind these super-smart animals. 

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PS I saw a raven the other day, we don’t have many of them around here and it was the COOLEST THING EVER.

The Signs As Animals & Why

Aries: snake because agressive as fuck but lowkey sweet

Taurus: sloths because lazy as hell and loves food

Gemini: horses because they’re assholes and like to run

Cancer: skunks because farts when you make them sad/angry/happy

Leo: cats because they love attention and they’re two faced

Virgo: catapillar because super sweet and cute but is mean sometimes

Libra: a human because they’re trying to destroy the fuckin earth

Scorpio: dogs because super loyal and fun to hang out with

Sagittarius: fish because funny but not nice

Capricorn: chinchilla because soft but mean

Aquarius: eagle because pretty but evil as shit bruh

Pisces: bird because flighty but super smart