super skittles


Marshawn Lynch and Skittles go to Houston, Scotland

2013 Charles Smith “Boom Boom” Syrah

OHMYDOG it’s Super Bowl XLIX! Paws off my remote! I’m drinkin’ some Boom Boom for the Legion of Boom, snacking on some Skittles for my spirit human, Marshawn Lynch, and Gronking this yummy chocolate Patriots football! Black cherry, menthol, Robitussin, green olive, tobacco, a hint of licorice, and a black pepper kick all on the nose. More black cherry, green olive, and touch of Robitussin on the palate. Not bad for the price! Would be great with some meat with sweet glaze or chocolate molé sauce! 

3/5 bones



13.5% abv

Washington State, USA

Imagine Theo, Scott, & Stiles used to all be best friends growing up. Then one day Scott & Theo shared a kiss, then they became each others first boyfriends.

One day Theo just disappears, and Scott gets really heartbroken so Stiles has to pick up the pieces so he vows to be even more super protective of Scott. That’s why he gets so frustrated when Scott trusts people.

One day when Theo finally returns Scott had completely forgot about this boy who broke his heart because he had the unconditional love of Stiles, not to mention his love he had for Allison & Kira.

But the moment Theo reminds him, all these feelings come rushing back and Scott doesn’t know how to deal with them. He wants to trust Theo so bad because he remembers how happy this boy used to make him. But Stiles is just so mad that Scott doesn’t remember the pain he went through, and how much it hurt Stiles to see him go through it.