super sketchy thing


the audio cd is a delight from start to finish, but these are a few of my favorite moments.

(All the dialogue was taken from the translation done by hikikomori-sama found here. There is also a link in their post to the audio cd itself so go listen to it!)

Have some more honeyketchup~

Was going to draw the rest of Papy, but the paper ended right there so I attempted to add him in on the computer but it didn’t work, so I tried by removing a empty page of my sketch book and then put it together with the page this was on with tape but… that failed too

So you only get this :D

Now when I think of it, this is sort of a continuation of THIS my first ever fontcest art that I posted, to think it was just about 3 months ago


a super sketchy animatic thing i made back in october and never posted. thought now would be as good a time as any, what with all the interviews they’ve been doing lately. 

didn’t think the ‘murdoc gradually slumping out of his chair’ gag would be an actual glimpse into the future, but hey

(happy humanz release day btw!    🎉 🎉 )

Suspicious Toothless is suspicious. Why? I don’t know. A super quick sketchy painting-ish thing that I drew because I think I should really post something and my icon needs to change because its pissing me off. A ‘finally done exams celebratory draw’. Holy crap this is messy and holy crap I need to get back into drawing like right now.