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I love it how SJ and ELFs can joke around so easily and comfortably. Normal fans would fangirl so much when their idol group comes to their country, but us ELFs get sick of them coming b/c they’re robbing our money LOL. 

It made me sad how Zhoumi and Henry were just standing there quietly, not even saying a word. Yes, they laughed along with, but I expected them to interact with the Taiwan ELFs the most since they can speak Chinese. But there are still some OT13 ELFs that don’t accept them, so they chose not to intrude the other members. I really hope that one day both of them can stand on stage confidently and comfortably to perform with all 15 members.

[must read] [Fan Account]130810 SS5 Taiwan D-1- Super Junior
  • Because Eunhyuk say only ‘Are you happy?’ for the greeting.
  • Kyu: You can just speak Korean. Many of them can understand it!
  • Hyuk: Why?
  • Kyu: Because my dad is teaching Korean in Taiwan!
  • Hyuk: So no need for a translator? Are you happy today?
  • Fan: ne~ (Yes)
  • Hyuk: Are your armpit wet?
  • Fan: ne~ (because many of them didn’t understand it)
  • (Members were laughing so hard and then pointed at fans and said “Your armpits are all wet!)
  • Kyu: My dad doesn’t have ‘armpit’ in his teaching!
  • (Siwon also tried to get Kyu to show his so the fans know what is ‘armpit’ but failed.)
  • cr: 溺愛圭賢-孟 | Trans‏@siohappy

130811 SS5 in Taiwan—Ending (Eunhae moment) (by h4eunhae)

 Hyuk steals Hae’s kissing the mic ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


[Fan Account] 130810 Super Show 5 Taiwan Kyu Dad:

Kyudad took away the fan’s fan, and kept using it to fan himself during the concert! Kyudad even boasted and said, “I went backstage and took photos with Kyuhyun just now!”. When taking photos with fan he said: “My man Sungmin!” and purposely flipped the fan to Sungmin’s side~~!!!

cr Miko_ELF | Trans@minniestarrr