super show 5


Super Moments in Super Show 5 x

“There were many memories in ‘Super Show 5’ concerts for me, but the most memorable one was the Avengers concept meeting and video filming while preparing for the concert. We had a lot of fun while filming it. Hahaha. The funniest thing was Wong Fei-hung and when Dragon Ball absurdly appeared, it was really fun. I think it was the performance that couldn’t be taken out of ‘Super Show 5’" 
- Shindong

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Starting on March 23rd, 2013 .. ending with 22 February 22, 2014.. that's almost a whole year. 20 cities, 28 shows and our boys gave their best to create amazing performances. Today was the last show, and our boys have worked so hard. Hopefully, SJ and ELFs will create more precious moments at SS6. It's not the END, it's the AND. SJ Fighting!