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Any chance you will be releasing a flufftastic place fiction today to help ebb the disappointment of the meaning of the votron pics?

lol i’ve actually mostly tuned out the noise around the weird social media photos because if you don’t have any expectations you can’t be disappointed!! how’s that for pessimism

anyway, that’s irrelevant, because oddly enough, i do have a complete super fluffy one-shot that i’ve been sitting on for a couple weeks waiting for the Right Time (and spacing out fic posting since i haven’t written much at all since posting ‘Growth’), and since you asked, i think i’ll go ahead and post it tonight!! watch out for it ;)


Une balle, un mort.

Wow guys I can’t believe SPM finally has it’s own animation

Wouldn’t it be sad if Black Hat had a similar backstory to Count Bleck with his own lost love…?!

Anyway the similarities between these two are astounding so I just had to draw them


Because not only has the story gotten better and the Tournament is actually good and MAKING ME EXCITED TO COME BACK EVERY WEEK.

Can we talk about how


The animation

Used to be

Almost 2

Years ago

And how we’ve gotten this Zaddy Saiyan™ level of animation lately.

I mean…

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… Idk who’s eating their Wheaties over at Toei but on behalf of the Fandom BLESS Y'ALL

pros of reading Ballroom e Youkoso

1. AMAZING art style

2. diversity in body types

3. the main character isnt an idiot or a good for nothing. he actually tries and sometimes succeeds and learnes a lot and gives his all WHILE ENJOYING HIMSELF. he takes it seriously without losing the fun of it! he gives a slightly different vibe from all the other main characters i read so far

4. the characters are very different from what they seem at first glance

same person

6. the characters are very realistic. the manga basically explores what every dancer aspires to become and how they get that. different paths for different people..

cons: none

theres like a hell of a lot more i wanna share but im so bad with words i hope those pictures are enough, please go read it its so good, it made me want to dance while reading it, and i actually skipped a little on my way home! 

I can’t wait for Season 6 Episode 6

Let’s do a recap here

Season 1 Episode 6 starts like this

and immediately cuts to the team with Keith making the saddest face

and he gets so impatient about Lance being in the the pod that he starts tapping the glass and annoying everyone else asking when Lance is gonna be okay

and then has this disappointed and worried look when he realises he has to keep waiting

and then Lance gets out of the pod and we get these faces

just look at that soft happy surprised keith

and then Lance flirts with Allura and happy Keith turns into grumpy jealous Keith

and in the next scene Lance is eating and Keith is literally sitting on the table watching him

and gets annoyed when Lance says he did nothing to help

and then we get these fucking devastated faces when Lance says he doesn’t remember any of what Keith did

they had a bonding moment, he cradled him in his arms

and then we have the castle landing on a moon that is literally just a big bi flag. like that is it, the moon is a bi pride moon, look at this shit

and we have Lance flirting with Nyma while Keith makes this face

and then he switches to unimpressed mode

and then we have Lance getting frazzled when Nyma suggests she go for a ride with Keith

and then rainbow on bi moon

followed immediately by keith just chilling and smiling with Rolo and definitely not being super super gay right after the pride flag was flashed up on screen

and then we have the sequence where Keith gets Lance’s lion back and this triumphant face

morphs into this soft, soft expression the second he says Lance’s name

and then they’re both just so soft (and Lance is making up the blue part of the bi flag rn)

and then this wonderful flirting

and “I thought we bonded” over a shot of another rainbow with Lance and Keith noticeably being the only Paladins off-screen

And now for Season 2 Episode 6 where Keith doesn’t speak until Lance says this

and when we’re shown him here he’s behind Lance glaring

and once attention is on him he looks super vulnerable

and the next shot we get of him he still looks vulnerable as heck but Lance has moved over to stand beside him

and then he does the thing where he explains his tagline use to Keith before Keith has to ask what he’s talking about

and then we have our token gay keith moment when keith cradles allura in his arms and has zero reaction to it even when she is flustered and blushing - I get the impression he wouldn’t devastated if she forgot about it…

and then we have Lance looking real upset when he realises Allura and Lance have gone off together (which parallels nicely with his reaction to Nyma suggesting Keith take her for a ride)

and then we have the moment when Keith is back in the red lion and he helps the others and he’s got this triumphant face

and then Lance starts talking and he goes all soft (kinda like he did when he started talking to lance in s1e6)

and then Lance gets this look and asks if Keith and Allura are an item

and Keith’s reaction is to let his expression get even softer


the softest fondest keith and he is so happy Lance just asked if he was single

and then switches back to this when Hunk starts talking instead

and okay this episode doesn’t have as much Klance as s1e6 but then we have


and holy fucking shit guys

which opens with Lance looking a little bi flag-ish again

with the blue suit and the red gun and the purple lighting on him and the gun and the everything

anyone else think maybe they kept their original suit colours just so lance could look a little more bi from now on?

and he’s got his eye on the targets

and he tells the “team” he’s gonna cover them but immediately brings his scope over to just one team member… *coughs*

and he just, y’know, follows keith for a while and watches him… instead of watching the enemy or any of his other teammates…

and then like two scenes later we have Lance’s “holy shit I’m bi” look and him flirting with Shiro (kinda)

and then we get multiple shots for the rest of this scene of Keith just glaring at Lance and looking thoroughly unimpressed (like he was when Lance flirted with Nyma… and Allura…)

and the very next scene starts with Keith still looking pissed 

and standing in front of his door like this when someone knocks on it, like he’s really not up for this shit right now

and then the door opens and it’s this vulnerable looking Lance

and Keith just immediately steps aside and lets go of that “I’m gonna fight anyone who dares to talk to me right now” stance

and Lance says he wants to talk about something and Keith looks so worried and then happy that he trusts him and tries to keep the atmosphere light for poor sad looking Lance

and then Lance says it’s because he’s the leader now and Keith’s expression just drops, he eyebrows literally just droop right there and then

and he gets all dejected like he shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up about Lance actually trusting him and thinking they’re close

but then Lance looks so vulnerable and tired and sad and Keith just looks so worried and soft

and he does his best to comfort and reassure him

and when Lance goes to leave he still looks super sad and dejected and Keith calls him back in such a romantic trope kinda way

and then he’s so soft and gentle and smiling and fond and jokes with him to try to lift his spirits

and Lance clearly appreciates it and look at this soft fond look he gets in return

and in the very next scene, they need to take the lions out, only like Lance said there are six paladins and only five lions, but Keith knows that Lance thinks he’s the one who will end up with no lion so before anyone else even has a chance to say anything, Keith voluntarily gives up the black lion and opts to stay at the castle so Lance won’t have to give up Red

and then when they’re on the Galra ship we have Keith looking to Lance when he’s deciding to go off on his own, and Lance agreeing with Shiro that Keith needs to stick with the rest of them while looking very worried about Keith

and then we have the fight with Lotor’s generals where Lance is bowled over by the force of a shot and Keith is sprinting to his aid before he even hits the ground

and right after that we get Lance saving Keith’s ass when he’s caught off guard and almost gets hit right in the face

he’s got you buddy

and then keith is so busy giving the softest of smiles to lance that he forgets he’s mid-battle and lets one galra general run by him and is almost blindsided by another one

anyway this post has ended up waaaaay longer than I was expecting considering I’m only talking about klance moments in THREE EPISODES but basically the point is that every episode 6 so far has been blessed and full of klance goodness and I think that season 6 is where we’ll get some canon klance and season 6 episode 6 will probably be beautiful if these are anything to go by

this has been a uh… a PSA I guess… that was… really far too long I am so sorry

but like… if there’s this much klance in three episodes alone then like… I dunno why anyone thinks it wont be canon at this point

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um reddie making out somewhere secretive like under bleachers but richie bring clumsY and like hitting his head yaHAHA

I love this too much!!

Eddie and Richie were a mess of hands, lips and legs as they tangled themselves together under the bleachers. Richie couldn’t handle seeing Eddie sitting there at lunch any longer, with one of Richie’s band shirts hanging off his chest, and his loose blue jeans that were tight at the ends and rolled up to reveal his small ankles. He had a low pair of grey converses on that Richie had told him to buy, and that alone was enough to make Richie melt into a puddle of 18 year old hormones.

Richie had slightly knocked Eddie’s arms with his shoulder and gestured towards the hall, then got up without saying a word. The rest of the losers didn’t seem to notice Richie leaving their little picnic table, so Eddie simply got up and hurried after Richie.

They hadn’t told the others that they were dating yet, and they were planning on keeping it that way for as long as possible. Things were going so well between them, why ruin it?

Eddie had found Richie down the hall, and Richie grabbed the smaller boys hand before leading him out one of the back doors and onto the football oval. It was out of bounds during lunch, but Richie being Richie just walked out onto the field like he owned it. Eddie stared at him in awe before speaking up.

“Uh, I don’t think we are supposed to be out here, Rich!” He called out in a worried tone. Richie was already over the other side of the field by the bleachers, waving his arm and gesturing for his boyfriend to follow him.

“Who the fuck cares?!” Richie yelled back. “Just get your fucking ass over here, Kaspbrak!”

Eddie huffed and began walking onto the soft grass, anxiety filling his stomach. He took his time, ensuring that his new Converses wouldn’t get ruined from the grass, and eventually he made his way to Richie.

They must have not heard the bell for class however, because suddenly they could hear the football team making their way onto the oval.

Panic coursed through Eddies system and he linked their fingers together in haste. Richie dragged the smaller boy behind the bleachers and they ducked down in order to hide themselves.

Eddie peered up at his lovely boyfriend and took in all of his marvellous features: his pale skin that was littered with freckles, his crazy black hair that curled in every direction, his button nose and lovely brown eyes. He wondered how he’d gotten so lucky as to have someone as beautiful as Richie like him, and that was enough for Eddie to grab Richie’s cheeks and press their lips together. It was rushed at first, and Richie had his eyes wide open in shock at the sudden boldness of Eddie, but they soon melted into one another and their kiss softened.

Richie grabbed Eddie’s hands and pulled them around his waist, allowing Richie himself to place his hands on Eddie’s cheeks and take control a little more. He deepened the kiss by pressing his lips much harder onto the younger boys, and Eddie began running his fingers through Richie’s hair. Richie let out a few soft moans as how good Eddie’s fingers felt as they ran across his scalp, and Eddie giggled.

“You’re so cute, Eds,” Richie laughed.

“Shut up,” Eddie groaned, rolling his eyes.

Richie laughed and placed his legs in between Eddie’s. He then intertwined their fingers and placed their hands above Eddie’s head before pushing Eddie down onto the grass. However as he began crawling on top on the small boy, he somehow lost balance and smacked his head on the metal bleachers.

“What the fuck!” Richie said, still trying to keep his voice low in case the football team heard them. He definitely didn’t want to get caught making out with Eddie by a bunch of macho, sporty guys.

Eddie burst out into hysterics.

“Oh my God!” Eddie exclaimed. “Are you okay!?” He was still laughing as he grabbed Richie’s head in his hands and pressed his lips to the already bruising bump.

“Ow, fuck, Eds. Careful!”

“Sorry!” Eddie giggled.

“Let’s get out of here, yeah?” Richie suggested. “We can just run behind the bleachers and get back into the hall through the side door.”

“Yeah, okay,” Eddie nodded.

Richie stood up to leave, but again, whacked his head on the metal.

“Oh, fuck! Eddie, it’s like they’re out to fucking kill me or something!”

“Ah, you big baby,” Eddie chuckled. He stood up on his tippie toes and pressed his lips against Richie’s briefly. “Are you alright?”

“Eh, one more kiss and I might be,” Richie said, his mouth turning up into a cocky smirk.

Eddie grabbed both of Richie’s hands in his own and leaned in to kiss Richie once more, ensuring that this one was a little longer than the last.

“Better?” Eddie asked.