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casual vs real friends
  • <p> <b></b> CASUAL FRIENDS<p/><b>Friend 1:</b> OOOHH!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Have you seen it??<p/><b>Friend 2:</b> No<p/><b>F1:</b> You HAVE to watch it!!<p/><b></b> REAL FRIENDS<p/><b>F1:</b> OOOHH!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Have you seen it??<p/><b>F2:</b> No<p/><b>F1:</b> Are you going to watch it??<p/><b>F2:</b> Maybe, but nah, you can spoil me the whole thing so you can explain why you love it so much and I'll problably won't watch it but I'll end up knowing a lot of random trivia about it.<p/><b>F1:</b> Yey!<p/></p>

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Another (hopefully different) soulmate AU

Imagine a world where everyone is born normal. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, except that they’re human beings with infinite potential. But when two soulmates meet, something changes. 

The soulmates gain a shared ability, natural or otherwise. Maybe some know automatically where the other is. Maybe another couple is just really amazing at coding. Whatever the ability, it’s unique to that couple and that couple only. Once they both die, however, their ability is fair game.

What if one half is already really good at the ability, if it’s mundane, and the other half is completely taken aback by their new talent and doesn’t even think of the other person because they’ve always been able to do it.

Imagine one pair gaining the ability to fly or something ‘superhero-y’ and they start saving people and become a badass superhero team.

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“we know how to kill you and make it look like a suicide!!!”

“we can summon demons from hell!!!!”

“we can throw you into a black hole for all eternity!!!!”

“you messed with the wrong fandom!!!!”

y’all know i have a fetish for bulletpoint lists already, so here’s some fun stuff from TTAZZ:

  • griffin legit thought magnus was going to take the chalice to save julia & he had, like, two episodes worth of wild-ass darkest timeline nonsense that just got scrapped
  • we woulda gotten a lot more kravitz screen-time if taako & merle hadn’t saved magnus at the end of the suffering game w/ that sweet fuckin soul-grab
  • justin has now officially confirmed that roleplaying a romantic date with his little brother was super awkward
  • the reason merle hates angus is because he’s insecure about his own place on the team & so he’s immediately resentful whenever anybody new starts tagging along
  • there is a reason why garfield was growing a magnus clone in a tank but griffin is going to take that secret to his fucking grave
  • griffin’s two ideas for the next arc they play are a persona/buffy-inspired game set in an unsuccessful west virginia ski resort town being attacked by monsters, and a cowboy bebop/battlestar galactica-inspired post-apocalyptic jazzy space opera. (holy shit that’s rad)
  • justin wants to do a game where it’s sherlock holmes, but they’re all sherlock holmeses, and they’re all trying to get clues that are better than the other sherlock holmeses. four super-smart sherlock holmeses, but one of them is a vampire - are they good enough detectives to figure out which one?????
What if...

Idols write fanfiction about themselves, and they’re actually not fanfictions because they’re real stories… I guess we will never know.

I would do that if I was famous though, just saying.

*Consultant detectives* 

drawn in Photoshop

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s more than a little telling that John and Sherlock are almost never alone together in s4. I know others have pointed this out, but I want to break it down:

T6T - Besides the case montage before the baby is born, Mary tags along via facetime and then in person (sidenote, it’s also a little shady that that very case hinged upon a falsified video call). Sherlock goes alone to the house where he fights Ajay, and so many people came to the aquarium, John arriving late. This mirrors the scene in Morroco where John comes into Sherlock and Mary’s conversation separately.

TLD - Sherlock and John estranged, even when they start working together again there is always someone else there: cab driver, Mrs. H, Europe, they even rode separately to Culverton’s office. And Sherlock was unconscious when John visited him at the hospital. During the hug scene at the end, Mary is present until John finally breaks down and they embrace. Even as they leave, Sherlock acknowledges her lingering presence in their lives with “Isn’t that right, Mary?” They still aren’t totally alone.

TFP - Mycroft is with them literally the entire time. Even in 221B, even in the prison, even during the stupid Saw tests. When they wake up at the old house, they are separated physically because John is in the well, but they can finally communicate alone, and we get Sherlock’s soft “are you okay”? Even then, though, they keep getting interrupted by Eureka You can argue that they are alone in the Blanket John scene, but they look so tense and awkward. And then we get the DVD scene and the montage scenes, all of which include third parties. The last scene with the freeze frame is the best we get.

This is why it feels so wrong to me. Their dynamic is stifled. Even their reconciliation has no denouement because it’s followed by Mycroft’s constant presence. They are alone together, but we never see it. I have no solid theory as to why, but it looks to me like we are supposed to feel they are being monitored.