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the-last-alicorn  asked:

The moral of literally every Sentai Season: It's nice to have friends.

Yes it is whether they be childhood friends:

School friends:

Friends from Work:

Friends you serve with:

Or total strangers who become fast friends:

Everything is better when you share it with someone else.  The burdens, the responsibilities, the tragedies and the triumphs.  As long as there are those whose hearts burn with justice, who cannot stand to watch others suffer and who will stand as one to protect this Earth, there will be hope.

All it takes are friends.


Our editor-in-chief Paula Gaetos had the chance to interview prolific director, character designer, and monster designer Keita Amemiya, who is best known for being the creator and director of the GARO franchise. He is also known for being the director of various other tokusatsu, including Choujin Sentai Jetman, Choujuu Sentai Liveman, Kamen Rider J, Kamen Rider ZO, and Mechanical Violator Hakaider; he was also the character designer for Kamen Rider BLACK and Kamen Rider BLACK RX.