super sayjin

@ghostface_milla Any woman this sexy and wearing this??? This dress right here??? IS AUTOMATIC BAE!!! YOU GETS THE SUPER-SAYJIN LOVIN’ NO DOUBT!

My Fellow Dragon Ball Z Fans of 2015

July is going to be your new favorite month of the year! Dragon Ball Super is coming out THIS July. Like Sailor Moon Crystal, DBZ has gotten a facelift and is continuing onward as the creator, Akira Toriyama, intended. 

Granted, DBZ-GT was entertaining for some but not quite cannon; more like a what if scenario. Which is fine by me, this makes me all the more excited about Dragon Ball Super! 

I do realize that DBS is a continuation and not a total cosmetic update from the beginning, which is beyond okay for me. After being let down by Dragon Ball Z Kai, I have come to accept that the series was just too big for an upgrade. Now a nice shiny new series that Akira himself is writing? That is so Boss I can’t even muster the appropriate words to describe my utmost power filled excitement for this project. I feel like I could summon up Ki spheres right now, that’s how pumped I am.

So maybe as a little project and to see how many fellow fans are with me on this, I’d like you to track down your favorite power-up scene/GIF and display it when you reblog. Let’s show Tumblr our strength!