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tbh summer has been fun but also has made me gain a wonderful lil belly I really didn’t want 😭😂😁 & so frm now on tol future fit days, ill be eating 80% raw 🙌🙌🙌 Here’s my super kale salad w/ the easiest peanut dressing everr ➡ @betterbodyfoods peanut butter powder + water + vegan ‘oyster’ mushroom sauce & pepper 💙 #healthy

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One time I went to Olive Garden and the waiter asked if I wanted “Soup or Salad” so I said “yes please” cause I literally thought he was offering this big ass Super Salad. Long story short I haven’t been to Olive Garden in 5 years.

Tuesday August 23, 2016: Day 1 of Life of Health
My lunch today is pretty okay, not great but better than okay. It’s a super healthy, protein-packed salad!
This salad has mixed greens (baby spinach, kale, chard), cooked quinoa, chick peas, carrots, yellow bell pepper, hemp heart seeds, walnuts and a yummy dressing!!
My dressing includes honey, water, lemon juice olive oil, dash of cumin and dash of salt.

I make this salad in bulk for the entire week and put it in mason jars. Tomorrow I’ll show you the mason jar and how I store the salad!


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