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Kale controls her power

Kale transforms into what looks like Super Saiyan 1, instead of the berserk Super Saiyan version. She is finally in control of her Super Saiyan power; she’s not losing all control. What good is power if you can’t control it right? Then next thing you know she turns into the berserk mode, but she’s in control as well.

After taking out the Pride Troopers, Kale just casually strolls with Caulifla towards Goku like it’s no big deal. I thought she was going to go all crazy and attack Goku by saying “Son Goku” like the last time, but no she was just standing there. Kale even briefly smiled before she lost energy and power before feinting, just wow this girl is on another level now. She adapted so fast. From going all crazy smashing everything, to all chilled out and Zen in her Super Saiyan forms, just wow!


Don’t mess with female Saiyans

Caulifla and Kale transform! Wow it was so awesome to see both of them power up in Dragon Ball Super episode 100. I already knew their transformations except Caulifla`s Super Saiyan Third Grade. But none the less, the transformations were way more epic than the last time it was shown. It was on another level this time around in the actual tournament; with the pressure now on to fight for survival.

When Caulifla and Kale bulk up, I call it Super Saiyan steroids jokingly. I don’t mean it in a derogatory way. It`s just so amazing to see these two thin body type Saiyans turn all big and muscular in an instant. I’m starting to think maybe the female Saiyans in Universe 6 have more potential than the males? just a thought. Come on Cabba, I hope he has a new transformation soon. It could just be that Universe 6 Saiyans have more potential and can evolve faster than their Universe 7 counterparts such as Goku and Vegeta? I wonder does Kale have a different form like Super Saiyan 1? Something different other than just going from 0 to 100 into beast mode. Does she have a middle ground, if so then she could control herself and her power?

I`m so glad that the U6 Saiyans are formidable opponents, before the tournament I thought maybe Goku and Vegeta might just easily throw them out of the stage. Because logically Super Saiyan Blue is above the other forms like SS2 and who knows how strong Kale`s Berserk form is. But so far it doesn’t look like it, U6 are surviving, Go U6 Saiyans!

Pewdiepie needs to choose

You know that guy Pewdiepie? Felix Kjellberg, #1 Super Saiyan on Youtube? Disney won’t touch him because he heiled Hitler? Got in trouble for that “death to all Jews” thing in the title image?

Yeah he threw out the n-bomb on a livestream.

Not Nazis. The other one.

So naturally, everybody’s freaking out about that DAMN RACIST Pewdiepie and what a HORRIBLE WHITE SUPREMACIST he is and all this shit and

Look, let’s face the reality here.

Felix isn’t racist. He’s A FUCKING DUMBASS.

He makes fun of everyone and everything and throws out offensive shitposts because he doesn’t care. He doesn’t take it seriously.

He doesn’t take anything seriously.


He bluntly said he doesn’t care about anything he brings on himself which is unhealthy enough but does he think everybody around him won’t be ruined just by association?

He knows exactly why Disney dropped him.

What makes him think Jack and Marzia won’t ever have the same ultimatum?

Everybody knows Jack and Marzia are super close to him - they have to either try to completely ignore it or spin PR every single time he pulls a stunt or just screws up because everybody pesters them about it. Hell they even bother Markiplier and he’s basically just “the guy down the street” in Youtube terms.

Remember what happened when Jack responded to the Funnyguys crisis? Everyone called him a backstabber, and that was the best case scenario since the other option was “Oh yeah it was ok to say DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

But it’s not just “the gang” of Jack and co who will be affected.


If Pewds goes down hard enough, everyone who knows him, or even knows of him, will have to shun him and treat him as taboo in every public circumstance, or they’ll go down with him because they didn’t.

He is going down pretty damn fast.

So clean up your fucking act Pewds! I know you’re not a racist. You know you’re not a racist. STOP SAYING RACIST SHIT FOR LULZ. You’re shitting pyrite SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY GOES BOOM on a fire and then blaming it for detonating.

You’re always talking about how much of a joke Youtube is because of clickbait, because of drama, because of people who do idiotic and sociopathically avant-garde stunts and just don’t care because they get The Views either way, and all of this is true but yet HERE YOU ARE, single biggest figure on the platform, doing all the same shit “ironically” like an off-Broadway parody of the problem when you could be using your influential position and huge book of contacts to make a solution or AT LEAST not acting like a paper mache of all the trash you’re telling us to despise.

The world we live in today needs people like you to speak up for its future, not condescend to and mock it.

It’s not up to me to demand you make this choice, but whoever chooses to paraphase it to you, you still have the same decision, Felix.

You can continue to make these careless stupid jokes and go down in a self-destructive ball of fire, spreading possibly to everyone else on Youtube like the burning of Rome, and forever be remembered as the Justin Bieber of Sweden.

Or you can be better than that.

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my favorite is the fan saiyan forms that are just... more hair. i cant find it anymore but there was a Super Saiyan 1 million that was just an orb of hair with a tiny dude in the middle of the drawing

I like how DBS went “you know what, here’s a palette swap of the original Super Saiyan transformation and it’s 100000x stronger than SSJ3, it’s called Blue” instead of anything like how fans depicted them

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So Jax I've been meaning to ask, What are your thoughts on all the Super Saiyan Forms we have so far. From the OG SS to Rose right now? What do think of them and which do you like the best?

Okay Sure I’ll go over all of em besides Legendary.

False Super Saiyan (seen in Lord Slug): I liked it as a precursor to the Super Saiyan transformation. It looked pretty cool since the hair was spiked like a super saiyan but not gold, and the pupils were gone.

Super Saiyan: The CLASSIC THE OG. THE BADASS Was Incredible the 1st time it was shown by the 1st 4 Saiyans who used it and how each of them attained it.

Ascended Super Saiyans: They lift……A LOT

Super Saiyan 2: It Only looks BADASS on Kid Gohan (he was 11, 9 in the manga so he wasnt a teen, teen gohan lost his mind doing that saiyaman bullshit) and that EASILY MAKES HIM THE BEASTLIEST ANIME CHARACTER OF ALL TIME WHEN HE’s IN THAT STATE, but you can’t really tell who else is using it cause the change is so subtle in their hair and you need to see the Blue Lightning bolts.

Super Saiyan 3:…..ugh where do i begin, I know some hardcore Toriyama fans think this form is badass But personally I hate it and I’ve always thought it was dumb. The theme Bruce Faulconer composed for it was amazing but i find it really dumb. All they did was take away the eyebrows and give em Raditz Hair……even as kid I found that transformation really lackluster.

Super Saiyan 4: I honestly LOVED this Transformation Its my second favorite form, I thought it was AWESOME and one of the only things GT did right. The fact that they took the Saiyan Oozaru form and made an amalgam of that with the standard Saiyan warrior looked INCREDIBLE. 

That is something I want to see in a transformation.
A completely different change.

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Super Saiyan God:……-_-…..I think It’s fuckin stupid, I dont care what anyone says. I THINK THAT DESIGN SUCKS ASS!
All they did was take Goku, dye his hair red, and make him friggin skinny….Its like a wayyyy less Intimidating form version of the Kaio-ken attack. I see it as such a lazy design and it had the potential to be so cool. Look up fanart of Super Saiyan God and see their interpretations. To me the only godly thing about this form is the aura but design wise I think it sucks

Super Saiyan Blue/Rose: …..Its just the OG Super Saiyan Form with BLUE/PINK GODDAMN HAIR and different Aura…-_- Again to me its really a LAZY DESIGN. I dont like em at all. They couldve easily designed something cool and unique and i know people always say “Sometimes Simpler is better” well I completely disagree with you in this case!

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Virgin Super Saiyan 4 vs Chad Ultra Instinct

The thing about Super Saiyan 4 is like

They already implied Goku had acquired the power of an Oozaru from the Ultra Divine Water. So making Super Saiyan 4 a more ‘animal-like’ form is stupid. It’s made stupider by the fact that nothing about Super Saiyan 1-3 really implied anybody was getting more animal like.

Really Super Saiyan God alone is better than 4, cause it goes in a whole different direction. And Ultra Instinct is WAY better cause it’s actually implied to be a TECHNIQUE rather than a transformation. And it actually changes the way Goku moves (not a TON, but hey, better than nothing.)

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Why do you think ATLA comics are poorly-written? Can you make analysis (even if it was short) explains your view on the comics writing style in atla universe, context, the progress with the loose ends in the show and how Gene Yang handles the characters (arc, back/stories)?

Wow, I could spend all day going into detail on this answer. It’s amazing how poor I find these comics, because I’ve sampled Gene Yang’s original works and they were truly great stuff. I’ve already published some more focused reviews, digressions, and essays on various sites about what I disliked in individual AtLA comics. The more worthwhile ones can be found at the following links:

The Promise, Part 1 review
The Promise, Part 2 review
The Promise, Part 3 review
The Search, Part 1 review
The Two Ursas (The Search)
Challenging Aang (The Rift, Part 2)
The Rift, Part 3 review
Rainbow Fire is the new Super Saiyan (Smoke & Shadow, Part 1)
Kei Lo is pretty messed up, and no one seems to realize it. (Smoke & Shadow, Part 2)
Good Idea/Bad Idea (Smoke & Shadow)

To provide a more general answer here, I’ll list some major, connected points of pain that consistently appear throughout the whole run of comics, along with examples.

Keep reading

I`m just surprise why no one ever talk about Markiplier’s hair dye from pink to blue reminded me of GOKU from DBS
as in super saiyan god,
level 1 red hair saiyan
level 2 blue hair saiyan (during fight with freiza)

Yeah fan art of Markiplier woohoo! We Love ya mark! Keep it up!