super saiyaman


Things I want Beerus to realise about Son family:

  • Goku’s children are actually smart
  • all but Chichi are huge dorks
  • Gohan’s wife supports his dorkiness
  • all half-saiyan half-humans have more potential in the martial arts in their little finger than Goku and Vegeta put together

add your own things on the list if you want to! :)

My aesthetic is people recognizing “the Great saiyaman” as something that Gohan genuinely has fun with and enjoys doing and not dismissing it as some stupid thing they threw in to make Gohan a nerd.
Gohan has ALWAYS been a nerd. But he’s also a badass who will protect the ones he cares about. The Great saiyaman arc was beautiful to me because Gohan was so happy for the first time in a while. He was having so much fun and I just love it every time I see him in his Saiyaman get up :’)