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This is shit but I just needed to draw some basic designs for what I want my version of the septicegos to be.

They all have (Somewhat) different body types as well but I just wanted to do a simple basic pose because I wanted to focus mostly on the clothes, hair, and color stuff this time.

They aren’t very original yet but I want to expand more on them and make them look different than how other people draw them, but still keep in important details that make them septicegos and not just ocs.

But I guess they’re kinda like ocs?? Idk 

Greetings from the astral plane bc this gif killed me, but here it is - THE STOLEN CENTURY!! Just in time for the Grand Finale 😱 (Also, here’s the still backgrounds bc they’re kind of hard to see)

[Here There Be Gerblins: x]
[Murder on the Rockport Limited: x]
[Petals to the Metal: x]
[The Crystal Kingdom: x]
[The Eleventh Hour: x]
[The Suffering Game: x]
[Lunar Interlude V: x]