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today’s co-ord set features a new fave of mine, the white lace-up sweater! 🎀 i’ve seen lace-up tops around a lot lately, but i decided to go with a sweater since it is still cold here. it’s not super thick, but it’s the perfect thickness for me atm since winter is trailing off. i was really surprised at the quality of the sweater, especially how soft it is! for those of you that prefer darker colours, it’s also available in forest green.

it’s warm enough to wear as outerwear but since it’s not too loose, it’s also great to layer under strap dresses or loose camis.

💕 co-ord no. 1: v-neck pleated dress + lace-up sweater + tassel flap bag
🍥 co-ord no. 2: plaid strap dress + lace-up sweater + tassel flap bag

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3, 41 and 86 <3

3. what color are your eyes?

it’s this super weird light gray greenish blue. Like grayish turquoise idk

41. top 10 favorite songs

ok gET READY. They’re not in any particular order:

Panda Bear - Boys Latin

Hooray for Earth - True Loves ( absolute fav for many years)

twenty one pilots - Holding On To You

Tokyo Police Club - Bambi

Apothek - Waiting For The Thunder

FEiN - #Grownupz (heck Yeah)

BØRNS - American Money

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (another absolute fav)

Studio Killers - Jenny (and another)

Stromae - Papaoutai

86. what is your phone background?

it’s these same old pics bc i love <3

Star Fruit, one of Soul and Blueberry’s kids! Thank you @ravenpember-dtd for helping me with the name, and thank you @yurarat for helping me pick the colors for this lil guys ‘heroic cape’!

For those who can’t read my handwriting (cuz I write small as hell): “Glows when he’s super happy or in the dark~”

Soulberry ship @amber-acrylic @ask-blueberry-sans

Star Fruit @crowfry

(Don’t call him short or insult him or his family if you value your life.)

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ScoutCon would be amazing. All new comers would be embraced with open arms and dragged (gently) into side character hell. But really, you're on my list of people I want to meet.


but that’s super cool. while scoutcon may never really exist, know that i’d super love to meet you as well! i’ve only had awesome experiences so far with everyone. feel free to say hi if we’re ever in the same place!

Anonymous said:

Please come to Salt Lake Comic Con next year 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

i’ll look into it! i haven’t partaken in a multi-genre con in quite some time. maybe i could try for a booth even! :o

Anonymous said:

You’re famous enough in this fandom the Supernatural cast knows you by name, so I suppose getting offended when other fans don’t know you is sort of reasonable. Kind of. Not really.

“famous enough” omg. you guys. nah!! if you happen to offhand mention me in a convo and someone doesn’t know me, i’d much rather you be like “OO LEMME SHOW U A THING I LIKE” rather than be offended for sure

unless you are mock-offended

in which case i absolutely condone that behavior

i just draw the sunday funnies. luv each other

Anonymous said:

You’re dangerous to my continued employment. Many times I’m reading your comics and/or posts and someone calls while I’m trying not to crack up.

omg. thank you for sharing this. this is EXACTLY what i like to read

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Why do you post whitewashed pictures?

There’s a couple of main reasons we continue to post ‘white-washed’ photos, a tldr for this post is that not posting them is unrealistic.

None of us working under Astrodaily have seen any of the Astro boys in real life, and therefore we cannot judge if photos are whitewashed or not. 

I talked to the owner of Sleepyhead (a JinJin fansite) and here’s what she said;
“…In general it’s not whitewashing - i mean there are a couple of sites that do, but mostly besides rocky they’re pretty pale dudes, and they usually have pretty white makeup on too. A lot of the time […] it’s because the fansite has edited it to make the picture generally brighter due to bad lighting, especially at fansigns. Or when the sun’s super bright […]”

If we filtered out every photo we deemed whitewashed, we wouldn’t be able to give Aroha as constant or up to date photos. We’d have to trawl through the hundreds of photos fansites post, as some post inconsistently edit their photos. Honestly none of us have the time for it, as we have active lives outside of Astrodaily. 

Thank you if you’ve read this, we won’t be answering anymore questions about it.  We appreciate your concern, however! 

- Admin C

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Elijah@Venetia: you're a queen? Wow that's super cool!! Do you wear a crown?! I can't see but I'll bet you're pretty, I've heard stories about beautiful queens!! When you were little did you have a lot of fun adventures? What was it like growing up knowing you'd be queen?


this is super late! but it’s my babe @sauciness ‘s birthday today and i just wanted to do a lil thing for him because he deserves so so much. anyway, happy birthday idris, i love u a lot. here is a cover of war of hearts for you x

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I was wondering how Mccree / Genji would deal with a super naive s/o like “cocks? Why are we talking about chickens on a mission” naive? And how would they react to them saying something super filthy out of no were? (like they were talking about a fan fic they read that had something super dirty as a tag, not as in they were tricked into saying it)

This is a sorta funny request, it’s good.

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Unusual asks : 82 ? Have a good day/night and good luck on the piece you're working on ! I look forward to seeing it ♥

82. favorite ice cream flavor?

I’m probably weird, but it’s called super tiger ice cream here in Finland (supertiikeri heck yea). It’s probably not even sold anywhere else but Finland idk. It’s vanilla ice cream with stripes of sweet, orange flavored jam/jello. Super Delicious.

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Ok but what would a Pipabeth fusion even look like?

okay see pipabeth would be her name because like. that’s cool. i think she has four arms and she’s a pretty tall fusion because annabeth is a pretty tall gem.

she’s super metallic looking, because annabeth is silver/gray (hematite maybe???) and piper is like deep bronzy tones (poppy topaz? hessonite?) so like she’s bronze as a base but she kind of glows and glitters silver and has silver accents. her eyes look like piper’s (like the inside of a geode, HA I LOVE WHEN CANON OVERLAPS WITH AUS BYE) but they’re usually grayish and sort of reflective and mirror-like sometimes.

she has super wicked gold and silver face tattoos. she has four arms and long hair that’s like bronze and gold. her hair is super curly and like. majestic. and has lots of braids running through it. annabeth’s gem is on her forehead and piper’s gem is between her shoulder blades. she usually wears a dark red crop top and tight silver shorts and lace up greek-style gold sandals.

her weapon is a double sided dagger. she twists it in her hand and makes it go really fast.

Homesick Jack

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Jack’s homesick so Mark tells the guys a way he usually cheers him up.  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I think this one’s super cute!!!! IDK though hope ya guys like it!!!!

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