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Dwyer/m!Kana C-S supports

[I probably used the word friend in here enough to play a drinking game, so sorry if that’s overdone. I hit a bunch of inspiration today, and wrote 3 supports (and might do more). It was fun trying to think of how someone sleepy like Dwyer would deal with peppy little Kana. RIP in pieces, Dwyer. Also, I put Mama/Papa because I remember there being a Kana swap hack.]

C support:

Kana: Gonna make tea for Mama/Papa~ All I gotta do is sneak this by everyone to get it there~

Dwyer: Hold it right there, mister.

Kana: EEP!

Dwyer, that wasn’t very nice.

Dwyer: Neither is a tiny dragon boy sneaking around to make tea.

Kana: Oopsie.

Um, anyway, how are you today, Dwyer? Wonderful sunny day!

Dwyer: I’m here to talk to you.

Kana: I-I’m not in trouble, am I?

Dwyer: If you are, I’m not here to do anything about it.

I’m supposed to talk about inheriting my father’s position to your father/mother.

Would…you even want a butler?

Kana: Butler? Like your Papa?

Dwyer: Essentially, yeah.

Kana: I’m grown up enough to do stuff by myself~

But if you wanna be like your Papa and follow me around, I think we should become best friends instead!

Dwyer: Wait, what?

You don’t want to be my liege, but….my best friend?

Kana: Yes please! We could do all sorts of fun things together! And you can help me make tea the right way.

….I think this tea is getting cold.

Dwyer: You go take that to your Mama/Papa. I’ll  be here I guess.

And if you really would rather we be friends instead of liege and butler, I don’t have room to refuse.

Kana: YAAAAAY! I’ll go take the tea right now!

*Kana disappears*

Dwyer: Wait, don’t run with that!

B support:

Kana: Hey hey, Dwyer!

Dwyer: Do you need something? Is this actual duties related?

If not, I wanted to get a quick nap in.

Kana: I wanna play together! Tomorrow we can do tea for Mama/Papa.

But I want us to be real friends before we get to stuffy learning.

Dwyer: I don’t think ‘fun first, play later’ is a valid philosophy.

Kana: Can I have a piggy back ride?

Dwyer: You severely overestimate my strength.

Kana: …I-Is that a no?

Dwyer: Oh no, don’t give me those eyes.

How does a person even manage to look that heartbroken in seconds?

…All right, come over here.

Kana: YAY! Here I come!


Well at least you’re pretty light…even though you literally jumped onto me.

I’m going to need a staff later.

Kana: Let’s go help with dinner! Mama/Papa’s on duty today and I want to surprise her/him!

You get to help too! You’re a super good cook~

Dwyer: That’s on the other side of camp.

Kana: I’ll get you a really nice pillow afterward!

Dwyer: ….Let it never be said I don’t suffer for my work.

Kana: Weeeeeee~!

A support:

Dwyer: Thanks the Gods I’m not in that much pain.

I have to stay dedicated, lest Father accuse me of being bad at commitment.

Kana: Dwyeeeeeeeeeer!

Dwyer: Have mercy, dragon child.

Kana: Did you say something?

Dwyer: No.

What are you carrying there?

Kana: I got help making you a sorry meal.

I got you a cookie and some soup to help make you all relaxed and sleepy.

I made three cookies, but two of them disappeared on the way here…I hope one is ok!

Dwyer: Kana, I’m not upset.

The fact that my liege is making me food is probably going to get me scolded later…

But I’m willing to try it. Especially if you worked so hard of it.

Kana: Yep! Mama/Papa helped a little bit but I made sure it was super tasty!

I hope you like it.

Dwyer: …

It’s very good. I feel better already.

Kana: Really?~

I’m sorry that I was only thinking about myself yesterday…I just wanted us to have fun but it only hurt you.

That’s not how best friends are supposed to behave…

Dwyer: Kana.

Kana: Yeah?

Dwyer: I had fun. It felt like I had a little brother.

And I made you happy, which is what I’m supposed to be aiming for.

And I don’t feel that bad. If you were selfish, you wouldn’t have checked on me and tried to make me feel better.

If anything, you’re the best friend a guy could have.

Kana: *sniff*


Dwyer: Whoa, you’re going to spill the soup!

…Next time warn me before the hugs.

Kana: Sorry…I hope to be an even better friend in the future.

And then we’ll be the coolest ones around!

People will look at us like ‘Wow, those are the bestest friends ever!’

Dwyer: We’ll get there.

S support:

Kana: Oh nooooo…

He’ll totally get mad at me this time.

We just started being best friends and I ruined it.

Dwyer: What did you ruin?

Kana: WAA!

H-How did you get there? Even I know that timing is too well-planned.

Dwyer: A butler must always be ready to serve his master.

As such I should always be in a quick distance to you.

You looked sad, and I’m not having that. Tell me what’s wrong.

Kana: *sniff*

You’re going to stop being my best friend if I tell you.

Dwyer: I wouldn’t dream of it.

I can’t help you if you don’t tell me, Kana.

Kana: If…

If I said hanging out with you has made my chest feel weird, would you leave?

Dwyer: You’re not having a heart attack, are you?

Kana: Of course not! I don’t know what that is but it sounds like it hurts.

Dwyer: …Oh.

Kana: See, you don’t sound happy!

Dwyer: I’m not disappointed or anything.

It’s just that you’re my liege, and also pretty young.

Several people would have my head if I were to go through with this…

Kana: Will you still be my best friend, then? You won’t leave me?

Dwyer: Of course I won’t leave you.

We can still stay together and do best friend things.

Let’s say we’re super best friends now.

Kana: Super best friends?

Dwyer: Yes.

If you…er, still feel weird in your chest after you grow up some, then we can be…

…Even better best friends.

Kana: *pout*I know what dating is, Dwyer.

Dwyer: Ok well that, then. But that’s after a few years, and only if you still feel that way.

I feel somewhat similar to the way you do, so if I feel that way too, then maybe we can date.

Again, a few years from now. Until then, super best friends.

Kana: That sounds great!

Dwyer: Now what do you say to another piggy back ride across camp, super best friend?

Kana: I say let’s go on an adventure!

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your tsovik stuff KILLS ME, that whole javik not knowing was too much for my soul

it kills me too like

imagine javik on top of liara dilating his pupils/making weird eye movements and liara is like “what are you even doing..????”

and he says it like it’s super obvious


someone help them